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In this Forum Ask questions related to KASNEB courses and studies for CPA, ATD, CS, CCP, DCM, CIFA, CICT, DICT, APS-K, CPSP-K and others, Get answers, Help answer questions, share insights and your experience mostly related to your studies. Use the comment section

This section is meant to help you gain a wide knowledge regarding KASNEB courses and operations in regard to examination rules and guidelines. it’s also meant to provide you with an elaborate explanation on some news and updates released to the students by KASNEB. The main topics that are allowed but not limited to are:  Examination rules, examination results, exemption rules and guidelines, registration and withdrawal among other.

NOTE: This is not the official KASNEB discussion forum. Any advice given here is open for discussion and verification from the official kasneb support forums.


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Evans kiruiPosted on  2:11 pm - Jun 13, 2018

Hello Admin,Am doing a degree in Bachelor of commerce and I am fourth year student Can I pursue CPA part I?or will start with CPA part II?..Kindly answer

BonifacePosted on  10:05 am - Jun 5, 2018

I finished cpa part 2 around 5 years ago. Can I still continue with part 3 this year?

HillaryPosted on  5:39 pm - Jun 4, 2018

I did diploma in business management ,I want to start CPA where will I start, and will there be exemption

Cedellah NyamburaPosted on  2:21 pm - May 31, 2018

Can I get ATD level 2 NOTES PLEASE

Cedellah NyamburaPosted on  2:20 pm - May 31, 2018


pas1Posted on  9:23 am - May 31, 2018

so I did my cpa1 section 1 and passed all three units but after joining campus I want to pursue cifa instead… will I be exempted from financial accounting and entrepreneuship?

lukasPosted on  7:59 am - May 30, 2018

I did my cpa exams and finished on december 2015.Can i get my final certicate.I only got the result slips.

ShadrackPosted on  8:42 pm - May 28, 2018

Hi admin. I paid 4900/= for registration for CIFA in 2015 but I was to top up 100/= which I did not. I want to do the exam this November. Should I top up or pay afresh 5000/=? I still have the receipts. Thanks

jeffPosted on  8:07 am - May 26, 2018

HI,i did section 5 and 6 in 2015 and failed advance financial management in sec 5. Now 2.5years has elapsed,will i have to repeat the whole part 3?

Naomi ChepkorirPosted on  8:07 am - May 21, 2018

Incase I miss one paper,will I be allowed do the other two papers in CPA 1.

mwongeliPosted on  1:33 am - May 20, 2018

what is the pass mark for cpa

MachariaPosted on  9:11 am - May 15, 2018

What exemptions (and therefore courses left to do to complete) is one entitled to register for CPA as an ACCA Finalist?

Janet katungePosted on  8:40 am - May 15, 2018

Hey admin,,,I am pursuing a degree in bcom finance option but I got c in mathematics and b in English,,,can I be allowed to to CPA directly without having to do atd first ?

JIMMYPosted on  8:56 am - May 11, 2018

I am a third year student taking Bcom minoring in leadership , can i get exemptions of the units that i have already undertaken in CS1& CS2 if i submitted my transcript

AdonisPosted on  6:19 pm - Apr 30, 2018

A CPA section 6 will pay how much in Total to get all the 9 exemption in CIFA papers?

DenisPosted on  10:22 am - Apr 30, 2018

Do give out any certificate in CPA level one,?

JoanPosted on  4:25 pm - Apr 11, 2018

What exemption for one to start atd after graduating in businesses and management in diploma.

JoanPosted on  4:14 pm - Apr 11, 2018

When one finished ADT 12&3, which units are exemption in cpa

Kipngeno victorPosted on  7:58 pm - Mar 6, 2018

Can I register for CPA this month or i am late for may June exams?

Agnes mainaPosted on  6:44 am - Feb 27, 2018

What do I do if my portal isn’t functioning. I registered with my phone that got lost and I can’t remember my registration number

JackiePosted on  9:16 am - Feb 23, 2018

Hi admin, I did my part one in 2015, but I failed some courses. Will I still be awarded a certificate b4 I redo the courses I failed?


    AdminPosted on  9:17 pm - Feb 24, 2018

    there will be No certificate until you pass all the units in that Part. Note that after 2.5yrs from when you attempted those papers the first time. the credits you had in that section will be withdrawn and you will redo all the units if you still wish to continue

StellaPosted on  7:49 am - Feb 6, 2018

I sat for my CPA sec 2 lastly in 2013 and failed 2 papers. I want to sit for the June 2018 exams. Will i have to re-do the whole section? And what are the costs that i will incur?

JoyPosted on  1:26 am - Feb 2, 2018

Hello Admin,Am doing a degree in Business Management and had a C in maths and English..Can I persue CPA?or will start with ATD?..Kindly answer


    AdminPosted on  6:05 pm - Feb 4, 2018

    You can start with CPA just provide university result notifications or transcripts and a letter from your dean showing that you are a continuing student undertaking a degree course

EunicePosted on  11:46 am - Jan 29, 2018

Hey am Eunice i did an exam last year may CS sec 1 & 2 and then i failed law ; tax and economics.How much should i pay for the retakes and when is the deadline

Brian TororeiPosted on  3:37 pm - Jan 23, 2018

If I fail all papers in Sec 4, do I have to resit sec 3 also?

GladysPosted on  4:00 pm - Jan 18, 2018

Hi admin I did part one exam in dec2017 but failed one unit can I proceed to sec 3

EmmyPosted on  11:57 am - Jan 18, 2018

Has anyone applied remarking and results of a paper changed. I want to try this out

MiriamPosted on  1:00 pm - Jan 16, 2018

Am done with ATD 3, how much am i required to pay for exemptions inorder to do CPA 3 and at what time?

EstonPosted on  10:13 am - Jan 15, 2018

How many times can one retake a unit after failing..???

David KiptooPosted on  8:23 am - Jan 15, 2018

I forgot my password for students Kasneb portal and i have sent a request to reset but it has not been effected for a long time…. Please assist me on this

JanetPosted on  8:42 pm - Jan 12, 2018

I have a diploma in business management and I’m interested in doing CPA. I didn’t get a C+ in mathematics as required. Will the diploma enable me get exempted from starting from ATD and instead start CPA immediately?

eunicePosted on  10:03 am - Jan 5, 2018

when should we expect the november 2017 results?

eunicePosted on  10:02 am - Jan 5, 2018

When should we expect our november 2017 exams?

Sankok joycePosted on  1:53 pm - Jan 3, 2018

I did CPA section 5 some years back and I would like to sit for section 6 May sitting 2018,how much do I pay including the arrears and examination fees.REG NO NAC/111428

BRIAN ONYANGOPosted on  9:20 am - Nov 6, 2017

after completing all sections of CPA what next and one is allowed to bel full accountant

FaithPosted on  5:55 pm - Oct 22, 2017

I did CFA 1 about 8 years ago and thinking of finishing the remaining papers. Do I have to start from CPA 1? Also I have a busines degree with a double major in Accounting and Finance; what papers can I get exempted?

EvansPosted on  8:28 am - Oct 21, 2017

Can I sit for CIFA part 1, 2 and 3 exams simultaneously ?

Amule ThomasPosted on  1:28 pm - Oct 19, 2017

After completing CPA how many papers will a person be Exempted in CIFA/CCP? Please need your help


    AdminPosted on  4:20 pm - Oct 19, 2017


    Exemptions in CIFA

    Financial Accounting
    Financial Mathematics
    Entrepreneurship and Communication
    Public Finance and Taxation
    Corporate Finance
    Financial Statements Analysis
    Quantitative Analysis
    Strategy, Governance and Ethics

    Exemptions in CCP

    Commercial Law
    Entrepreneurship and Communication
    Principles of Accounting
    Public Finance and Taxation
    Company Law
    Financial Management
    Management Information Systems
    Quantitative Analysis
    Strategy, Governance and Ethics

Benjamin mugaoPosted on  10:45 am - Oct 18, 2017

Message: I would like ask in case my results slip get lost on the way through postal means can I get another print out copy?

BenedictPosted on  6:08 pm - Sep 30, 2017

After atd level three.. Can you pursue a degree?

stellaPosted on  6:04 pm - Sep 23, 2017

Message:After successfully completing sec.6 .You were eligible to join the 3rd year in university to persue bachelors degree in accounting but why nowadays you will not?

Faith Ntabo Nyangena reg no NAC/291723Posted on  4:29 am - Sep 18, 2017

I would like to know if am legible for November 2017 exams and my examination centre. Thank you in advance.

stellaPosted on  6:38 pm - Aug 22, 2017

Message:how long does it take to get CPA certificate after successfully completing section six.

FridahPosted on  9:41 am - Aug 22, 2017

Message:how much will I pay in order to resit ?

Rachael WaitheraPosted on  8:13 am - Aug 5, 2017

Message:my deferment form has not reached me what do l do yet the deadline for payment is nearing. My reg no is NAC/281886.

User2Posted on  1:34 pm - Aug 3, 2017

Message: What will I pay to do all levels of ATD?I mean what is the total fee for registration plus examination for all levels?

BryanPosted on  9:59 am - Jul 20, 2017

When doing Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance should you do CPA or CIFA, kindly answer my question.

EunicePosted on  9:43 am - Jul 10, 2017

hae,how many times can one resit for a unit after failing.

rosePosted on  11:22 am - Jul 1, 2017

What happens if one misses to sit for two cpa papers and does the third one. Will she get results for the paper they sat for?

    zakayo AmukowaPosted on  5:37 pm - Jan 18, 2018

    What happens .Admin please answer this coz sometimes a candidate may fall sick or be in a situation that may prevent him or her from sitting the whole papers.


      AdminPosted on  7:22 pm - Jan 21, 2018

      In such a situation you should provide documents to show that you were not in a position to take exams and you can be allowed to sit for exams in the next sitting if the reason given and documents submitted are valid.

brendaPosted on  6:29 am - Jul 1, 2017

what happens if you fail same section several times

WILSONPosted on  12:22 pm - Jun 8, 2017

after am done with ATD 3 which CPA will i proceed to…. because some say ; to CPA 2 others CPA 3 advice plz Admin

JanePosted on  7:37 am - May 15, 2017

What are exemptions for MBA graduates in Finance (with BBA in Finance option) for CPA?

ShadrachPosted on  3:07 pm - Apr 27, 2017

I have a degree in business management finance option and interested in doing CPA. Can I be exempted from doing some sections?

Tom HiddenPosted on  11:03 am - Apr 10, 2017

Message: What is the normal or average duration for ATD course and also duration for CIFA course with excemptions of having done ATD?


    AdminPosted on  3:57 pm - Apr 10, 2017

    It will take you atleast 1.5 years to complete ATD course
    ATD Graduates exemptions on CIFA course
    Financial Accounting
    Financial Mathematics
    Entrepreneurship and Communication
    Public Finance and Taxation

Arnold MossPosted on  8:12 am - Mar 24, 2017

how will I get to knowm my exam centre since I just paid the amount only

sharlPosted on  9:44 pm - Mar 12, 2017

Message:kindly answer me admin

SHARLPosted on  1:39 pm - Mar 10, 2017

what if I Had C in Mathematics will I Study ATD first or start with CPA 1?

sharlPosted on  1:36 pm - Mar 10, 2017

after completing ATD Level 1,2,3 Will I CONTINUE WITH CPA 3 OR 2

winnyPosted on  10:23 am - Mar 7, 2017

Can i take CIFA after CPA or CPA after CIFA and which one is the best for a person taking a degree in Economics?

JuliusPosted on  12:52 pm - Mar 6, 2017

I have been exempted for in section 1 and 2 and MIS in section 4. I want to pay for the same but your Huduma centre customer care are giving me conflicting rates. One 16,200 and the other one is saying 13,600. What is the correct amount.? I thought 13,600 is the correct figure since section 1 1700 per paper

Kipkemoi LangatPosted on  5:30 am - Feb 21, 2017

can i do cifa after atd?


    AdminPosted on  6:57 am - Feb 21, 2017

    yes, and you will get the following exemptions in the following KASNEB CIFA subjects.

    Financial Accounting
    Financial Mathematics
    Entrepreneurship and Communication
    Public Finance and Taxation

janePosted on  5:13 am - Feb 21, 2017

i failed two papers in ATD 1 do i have to resit all papers….any registration fee required to be paid

johnPosted on  9:02 pm - Feb 17, 2017

do i have to pay for all exempted units up to section 6 before i start a CPA graduate


    AdminPosted on  4:49 am - Feb 18, 2017

    Yes, Exemptions are paid all at a go.

    Exemptions in CCP

    Commercial Law
    Entrepreneurship and Communication
    Principles of Accounting
    Public Finance and Taxation
    Company Law
    Financial Management
    Management Information Systems
    Quantitative Analysis
    Strategy, Governance and Ethics

edwinPosted on  1:04 pm - Jan 21, 2017

What exemption does a graduate in BCOM finance option get when applying fro CPA


    adminPosted on  1:23 pm - Jan 21, 2017

    Exemptions in Certified Public Accountant – CPA
    Section 1:
    Financial Accounting
    Commercial Law
    Entrepreneurship and Communication
    Section 2:
    Section 3:
    Financial Management
    (i) Exemptions in the Management Accounting paper will only be considered if an applicant has covered an equivalent paper
    (ii) Exemptions in the Public Finance and Taxation paper will only be considered if an applicant has covered an equivalent paper or a paper with a bias in taxation practice.

emanuelPosted on  4:54 pm - Jan 18, 2017

Please I need notes for cpsp-k

Calvin OnukoPosted on  8:33 am - Jan 18, 2017

I stopped, rather paused, in 2014. If i want to continue from sec 3, how much will I need to part with?

vincent njorogePosted on  12:12 pm - Jan 12, 2017

i need cpsp-k notes how do i get them


    adminPosted on  6:46 pm - Jan 13, 2017

    we are currently working on Certified Procurement and Supply Professional of Kenya (CPSP-K) and Associate in Procurement and Supply of Kenya (APS-K) examinations notes and they will be available soon

JASPER ONYANGOPosted on  3:44 pm - Jan 6, 2017


JASPER ONYANGOPosted on  3:41 pm - Jan 6, 2017


JASPER ONYANGOPosted on  3:20 pm - Jan 6, 2017


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