How to Pay and Get Complete/Full notes for KASNEB courses

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How to Pay and Get Complete/Full notes for KASNEB courses

Complete notes are sent through email once payment for them is made through our Business accounts (Get Full price list for hardcopy and softcopy through text/Whatsapp/call 0707737890) Note: prices per subject varies from one Examination sitting to another, subject to another, and whether softcopy or hardcopy.
To get full/complete notes, send your email address through text or WhatsApp to 0707737890 or send an email to

Payment should be made through Mpesa as follows:

Note: Safaricom will not charge you any fee to make payment

On the M-PESA Menu
>>Go to “Lipa na M-PESA” and
>>Select ‘Buy Goods and services
>>Enter the Till Number 639 271
>>Enter the amount then pin
>>Confirm that all details are correct and press OK

You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA immediately.
That you have made payment to SOMEA KENYA RESOURCES

CPA Past Papers – KASNEB Free Download

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Emily otienoPosted on  12:46 pm - Mar 29, 2018

How revised syllabus for cpa part 3 notes soft copy

peter muleiPosted on  10:58 am - Mar 13, 2018

i need ATD NOTES level i ,how much cost

AwadhPosted on  6:32 pm - Mar 8, 2018


I need notes for FR and Auditing & assurance. how much will it cost?

Kioko mwathePosted on  9:38 am - Feb 28, 2018

Am in need of section two cpa reading notes and revision kits hard copy,,how much is it?

emmanuel kipchumbaPosted on  7:49 am - Feb 25, 2018

I would like to get notes for CPA sec 1 via my mail, kindly advice

robin kackoPosted on  7:31 am - Feb 20, 2018

Are the CPA part 3 (section 6) available

Mary mwanziaPosted on  1:34 pm - Feb 19, 2018 can I get notes for sales and marketing..module two diploma

Kemgueu OumarouPosted on  11:10 am - Feb 19, 2018

My name is Kemgueu Oumarou, I live in Cameroon. I’ll like to get updated soft copies of reading materials and kits for financial reporting and financial management in section three and all the three courses of section four.
For financial reporting and financial management, I’ll only need the reading materials without kits. But for section four, I’ll need both the reading materials and the study kits. Thanks for you understanding.
My email is:
My phone number is 00237675584771.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards

christopherPosted on  8:57 am - Feb 7, 2018

cost of cifa section 3 softcopy notes

lucyPosted on  6:57 am - Nov 13, 2017

how much are cpa section 5 notes and revision kits?

    David Nganga CharaguPosted on  3:44 pm - Jan 31, 2018

    Hallo Sir/Madam,thanks for your good service. I would like to enquire about CPA Part III(section 5&6) Revision Kit,how much does it cost? I would prefer a hardcopy.
    For courier purposes I live in Thika town.

EDWARD N’GAN’GAPosted on  5:37 am - Nov 11, 2017

APS-K Level one notes are they available now that the year has ended.

Godfrey Omondi OtienoPosted on  3:35 pm - Nov 7, 2017

My name is Godfrey Omondi Otieno, I would like to get notes for CPA section three and four, my email address is
My phone number is 0705078942
Thank you.

Fredrick OketchPosted on  2:43 pm - Oct 21, 2017

Message:Hello, can i get ATD 1 notes and how much per unit..?

maziniPosted on  9:50 am - Oct 13, 2017

looking forward to receive the material for my study is it possible?

Pauline KokiPosted on  1:19 pm - Oct 11, 2017

I will be starting my ATD level 1 course come next year, i need notes for ATD level 1, how much should i pay?

KoechPosted on  5:58 pm - Sep 27, 2017

After making payments through m-pesa,,how do one make selection on the very specific notes one needs/requires?

KOECHPosted on  7:30 am - Sep 17, 2017

Hi, the cost of DICT LEVEL III Revision kit and notes

Samuel OmondiPosted on  1:32 pm - Sep 7, 2017

How can I get hard and softcopies of notes for CPA3 section 5 and their cost.

jackline Mukami MwanikiPosted on  7:19 am - Aug 21, 2017

Hey,I like to know whether you have CCP notes that is Debt recovery, corporate lending and banking law and practise.and if you have how much is each.

TABITHA KAMAUPosted on  11:45 am - Aug 2, 2017

Hello Admi!
I would to have CIFA &II notes how much should I pay(financial institutions and markets)


    AdminPosted on  4:42 pm - Aug 2, 2017

    Hello for KASNEB CIFA section 2 notes Financial Institutions and Markets in hardcopy and softcopy. Call/text/WhatsApp 0707737890 for details on how to get them

STEPHEN WARUI NJOROGEPosted on  6:40 am - Jul 28, 2017

Kindly inform me the charges for INTRODUCTION TO COMMERCIAL LAW notes

STEPHEN WARUI NJOROGEPosted on  6:38 am - Jul 28, 2017


Need the ATD I notes

KAMANA M. AugustinePosted on  2:16 pm - Jul 27, 2017

Need detailed notes of Company Law and financial reporting latest version/edition

SophiePosted on  8:47 pm - Jul 14, 2017

Hello Admi!
I would to have CIFA SEC I &II notes how much should I pay

EffiePosted on  10:11 am - Jul 12, 2017

Hallo; I’d like to get access to the price list for both CPA all sections and CIFA all sections.

julius kingoriPosted on  11:07 am - Jul 10, 2017

can i get full notes for organizational behavior and the costs

JARED OPANGAPosted on  7:05 am - Jul 3, 2017

Hello admin, how much is the Study kit for Advanced FR?

WILSONPosted on  1:05 pm - Jun 30, 2017

Admin ,how much is da full notes for BM and FF? …. softcopy plz

birechPosted on  2:11 pm - Jun 9, 2017

How much will it cost to obtain credit control notes ,diploma level?

Kingsly nde tumasangPosted on  1:55 pm - Jun 8, 2017


okwanyPosted on  8:16 pm - May 15, 2017

Message:admin plz get me the price list for soft copy

khamis diwoPosted on  10:52 am - May 15, 2017

i have not yet received my kasneb registration number yet please assist

Fredrick WabwilePosted on  9:06 am - May 15, 2017

How much to you charge for CPA section 2

DANIELJUMA WEKESAPosted on  5:03 pm - May 8, 2017

Message:cost of softcopy ATDII

christine kathurePosted on  2:57 pm - May 4, 2017

Need CPA part 3 (FM,Audit,SGE,&TAx)

victorPosted on  9:25 am - Apr 23, 2017

hi am in need of full set of cpa notes may iknow the cost pliz

andrew menzaPosted on  7:50 am - Apr 21, 2017

I need cpa section1 full &complete much will i have to pay please

Juma AmosPosted on  10:25 am - Apr 20, 2017

Message:how much is cpa one(sections 1 & 2)?

kipronoPosted on  6:17 am - Apr 7, 2017

Please how much is katc1 and 2


    AdminPosted on  8:16 am - Apr 7, 2017

    Hello KATC( Kenya Accounting Technician Certificate) no longer exists, it was replaced by ATD (Accounting Technician Diploma)

    Subjects/Units covered

    Introduction to Financial Accounting
    Introduction to Commercial Law
    Entrepreneurship and Communication
    Information Communication Technology

    Financial Accounting
    Principles of Management
    Business Mathematics and Statistics
    Fundamentals of Finance

    Principles of Economics
    Fundamentals of Management Accounting
    Principles of Public Finance and Taxation

MOSESPosted on  8:27 am - Apr 4, 2017

Hello.I had registered with kasneb two years ago for ATC,though I didnt sit for any examination despite me have paid ATC level1 examination,due to unavoidable situations.Advise me on how I’ll continue with Diploma in accounting technician.

    KIBULO SA MUELPosted on  12:40 pm - May 15, 2017

    I had registered with Kasneb some years ago for ATC 11 i did the examination and failed two papers and up to now i have not sat for them. please advise me on how i’ll continue with Diploma in accounting technician

korirPosted on  6:53 am - Mar 27, 2017

cict section 4 is available

samuel mburuPosted on  5:27 pm - Mar 18, 2017

what is the cost of cs 2 papers

Brian MusyokaPosted on  10:52 am - Mar 8, 2017

Am requesting for cataloque for both hard and soft copy, financial management and financial reporting. Also for revision kits incase you have them. Aso advice me on how i can get them Am in Machakos town

Ronny OtienoPosted on  6:11 pm - Mar 1, 2017

Hello guys, I am requesting you to please send me the price list for CPA materials for part one, that is, sections one and two. Thank you.

lynn yatichPosted on  11:05 am - Mar 1, 2017

do you have notes for section 6 Cpa

dominic mulatyaPosted on  8:19 pm - Feb 16, 2017

are these notes good such that if I read them no need to go to search for further Notes

JacobPosted on  4:15 pm - Feb 14, 2017

Message:iam still waiting for the Dict notes,for how long do I have to wait,iam losing patience

Jacob mwendaPosted on  8:59 pm - Jan 30, 2017

Message:Hello,you mean you don’t have notes for DICT?

ongoroPosted on  10:05 am - Jan 30, 2017

hello do u revision kits for cpa both sec5 and 6 for soft copy and how do they cost

patrick jumaPosted on  10:33 am - Jan 28, 2017

dict notes is how much?

jmwangiPosted on  8:02 am - Jan 23, 2017

This is impressing will come back to you guys for the notes once the proffesional exams are released.

glorian losegaPosted on  4:43 am - Jan 18, 2017

Message: how much does the notes cost

EvelynPosted on  9:23 am - Jan 16, 2017

Hi, the notes that you have, are they the latest in accordance to the syllabus?

tabyPosted on  7:37 pm - Jan 15, 2017

Message:how much is atd 2notes

DavisPosted on  7:28 pm - Jan 7, 2017

Message:Helô! the cost of the DICT revitoin kit pls.

mutuma francisPosted on  2:30 pm - Jan 5, 2017

Message:kindly inform the charge for section 1&2

Alex WachiraPosted on  9:09 am - Jan 5, 2017

how much is the full set of section vi?


    adminPosted on  6:19 pm - Jan 5, 2017

    We have CPA section 4 in Hardcopy form and softcopy form and the cost varies from one subject to another. Please text/call/whatsapp 0707737890 to get full details

Keari tunteraPosted on  5:25 am - Jan 3, 2017

Helloo…. How will i get cpa notes part 3 and how much does it cost. Plz may i get informed

Nicholas OgaloPosted on  7:50 pm - Jan 2, 2017

Kindly inform me on charges for CPA notes and Revision Kits

FrancisPosted on  7:33 pm - Jan 2, 2017

Hello, can I get hardcopy of section 3& 4 FR, AUDIT, QA, MIS……how. much?

james mungePosted on  5:10 pm - Jan 1, 2017

Message:OK can I get Atd all levels hardcopy course books or its only soft copy how much is it hard and soft?


    adminPosted on  6:28 pm - Jan 1, 2017

    Thank you for contacting us, we have both softcopies and hardcopies for KASNEB ATD new syllabus. Text/whatsapp/call 0707737890 to get full details on how to get them

mutai kipPosted on  6:32 am - Dec 26, 2016

Message: hallo, i would like to know how much does it cost (cict all notes).

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