Foundation Level

  • CE11 Computing Systems
  • CE12 Information Systems Support and Integration
  • CE13 Communication Skills and Ethics in Information Systems
  • CE14 Computer Information Systems Applications
  • CE15 Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Intermediate Level

  • CE21 Information Systems Strategy, Governance and Ethics
  • CE22 Data Management Information Systems
  • CE23 Research and Project Management
  • CE24 Networking and Data Communication
  • CE25 Programming and Systems Analysis and Design

Advanced Level

Elective Areas

(a) Elective I:

  • Big Data Management and Analytics
  • CE31S1 Big Data Management
  • CE31S2 Big Data Analytics

(b) Elective II: Networking and Information Systems Security

  • CE32S1 Networking and Telecommunications
  • CE32S2 Information Systems Security
  • CE33P Project

The course will be offered on a computer-based platform. The course is aimed at persons who wish to qualify and work or practice as data management and analysis experts, networks specialists programmers and related ICT areas.


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