CPA new Revised Syllabus notes

Revised kasneb syllabus someakenya NOTES

SomeaKenya provides Updated and Revised notes for the current CPA syllabus. Revision kits (Past papers with answers) are also available to help you with revision of the upcoming exams. you can get these materials in Hardcopies (Printed and Binded) and also available in Softcopy form when you subscribe on mobile application someakenya app Offline and online at (Note: Softcopies are not Printable and can only be read using android phones or online on Personal desktop/Laptop) Click here to download SOMEAKENYA APP from Google Playstore.

CPA Foundation Level notes

  1. Financial Accounting notes
  2. Communication Skills notes – Click here to view
  3. Introduction to Law and Governance notes – Click here to view
  4. Economics notes – Click here to view
  5. Quantitative Analysis notes – Click here to view
  6. Information Communication Technology notes – Click here to view

CPA Intermediate Level notes

  1. Company Law notes
  2. Financial Management notes
  3. Financial Reporting and Analysis(Incorporating IPSAS) notes
  4. Auditing and Assurance notes
  5. Management Accounting notes
  6. Public Finance and Taxation notes

CPA Advanced Level notes

  1. Leadership and Management notes
  2. Advanced Financial Reporting notes
  3. Advanced Financial Management notes
  4. Advanced Management Accounting notes

Specialization (Select one, Double specialisation allowed)

  1. Advanced taxation notes
  2. Advanced Auditing and Assurance notes
  3. Advanced Public Financial Management notes

Business and Data Analytics KASNEB CPA Videos

Practical Paper on Business and Data Analytics

Note: In addition to the above papers, prior to certification, candidates to:

  • Attend workshops on ethics,leadership and soft skills organised by kasneb and ICPAK and earn IPD hours
  • Obtain 1 year practical experience, or alternatively attend workshops on work based simulation organised by kasneb and ICPAK

97 thoughts on “CPA new Revised Syllabus notes”

  1. 1) I have done CPA Part II and would wish to complete where do i start.
    2) I have stopped the renewal of my Number long time ago kindly advise.

  2. Hello I completed my degree accounting at university of Nairobi . How many section Will I be excepted

  3. Hallo, If someone sat for the December 2021 Advanced examinations and did not pass any paper, does it mean that he or she will now do the speacializing option or how will it be?

    1. Login to your kasneb portal, they must have exempted you from the already passed papers. You will only do the undone papers as per the new syllabus. If you failed everything in sec 5 and 6, then you have to face the new syllabus

  4. does it mean the entry requirements for CPA no longer consider (C+ in english and mathsa) one can do CPA with a C+ men grade

        1. Had done section 1 and passed 2020 and would like to continue and didn’t take QA which is in section 1 now how do I go about it

  5. Hellow? I did management accounting & public finance and taxation in section 2, I now want to enroll for intermediate level will I still sit the 2 papers?

    1. I have done upto section 3 under old syllabus now what will I do in the intermediate level since have done all the units except Auditing and assurance?

      1. Same boat, I inquired and was informed paper to sit is only Auditing & Assurance and then proceed to advanced level..

        1. Hello…I have done bachelor of business information technology, will I begin at intermediate level or at which level?

  6. Am accounting degree holder, how do i apply for the foundation level exemption cz i want to register intermediate level ASAP. Please revert.

      1. Am Benjamin a CPA Student at mombasa .Now the new syllabus has taken effect,what will happen to those student in section 5or 6?,will they book december exams as section 5 or 6?.please advise

  7. so foundation level is in one sitting? If yes, that tells me students will be completing cpa in about 2 years unlike before. TRUE?

        1. Hello Kevin, did you get any assistance from the concern person? if yes, kindly advice me on what to do.I want to apply for the exemption

  8. Hello, I am a holder of KNEC diploma in business management. I want to begin my CPA classes this coming July under the new curriculum, what level will I start?,
    Plus Can I get the syllabus and the charges.

  9. Having done cpa1&2 of the old syllabus will i directly proceed to intermediate level of the new kasneb syllabus

  10. If i have done certificate in busness mangment (knec)which level in kasned will i join after the new syllabus please advice me kindly

  11. I have a bachelors degree in Purchasing and Supplies Management. Am I going to be exempted too from foundation level?

  12. Hi,
    Please clarify as I don’t seem to understand whether KASNEB Board scrapped Sec 5 and 6 and merged it as CPA advanced level with a choice of one paper on the four.
    CPA Advanced Level
    (1) Strategy and Risk Management
    (2) Advanced Financial Reporting
    (3) Advanced Financial Management Specialization
    (One paper)
    Advanced taxation
    Advanced Auditing and Assurance
    Advanced Management Accounting
    Advanced Public Financial Management
    Practical Paper on Business and Data Analytics



    1. Dear Jane,
      This is to advise you that kasneb abolished cpa section 1-6 and replaced by CPA Foundation level(replacing section 1&2), CPA Intermediate level(replacing sect. 3&4) ,CPA Advanced level(replacing sect 5 & 6)
      Please be guided
      CPA Enoch 0722527392
      I offer private CPA tution

      1. ok. northing but to shoulder on.
        am requesting for best advanced level books which can help me and the cost and how to get them please.

      2. If i had done upto section 5 and need to complete how many and which subjects do i require to sit inorder to clear.

    2. Yes, scrapped sec 5 and 6, and replaced it with CPA advanced with three compulsory papers and 1 elective paper. But, you will also do one practical paper on business and data analytics

  13. Kasneb so far has not responded to any of these queries and that is unprofessional. Communication is very vital. Bure kabisa

      1. What about diploma level? i am yet to finish level three with two units pending how can i go about that coz of the syllabus change please advice

  14. Good review made by KASNEB,i hope that the amendments are made for a good reason in protecting the accounting profession in our country.The grace of God is sufficient to all accounting students.

  15. I can see Accounting Degree holders to be exempted and will only do 9 papers, what about Diploma holders like Diploma in ACCOUNTANCY??

  16. I would suggest that new syllabus be introduced to beginners while the continuing students be allowed to clear with the old syllabus. In addition, Kasneb should have some mercy on the old students who are on the verge of losing hope with CPA due to many attempts on single papers yet results come as a fail. personally have been stuck on sec 6 with just one paper pending and its demoralizing because i usually kiss the ground every time i make an attempt.

    1. i did cpa part1 in 1998 and i would like to proceed on with other level will i be accepted.m

    2. This is very unfortunate Joseph, you need to tighten your an ACCA affiliate and I also went through the same experience, I got stuck in one of the papers until I thought the examiner had a personal issue with me. Thinking about the time, financial resources, emotional and psychological investment so far expended can be very traumatizing. Please find a better way or use a new tactic, approach the paper from a different angle, befriend the unit and look for a professional tutor. You will not pass but also excel.

  17. What will happen to the progressing students where some of the units have been taken to lower levels they had covered previously and others introduced like ICT? Will they have to go back and cover them?

  18. I would like to say that in as much as CPA is a good professional course, the professional aspect of the course is being diluted by the fact that any person can undertake CPA studies any, as usual, any profession which is open to anybody loses taste and meaning.
    My opinion on the CPA course has always been that being that it is a professional course, the entry requirement should be a relevant University degree and that makes it possible for CPA students to take only two years to cover the course. This approach has made professions like Law, Education, and Medicine stand out in the job market. Those who study CPA from the certificate level should be allowed but not to practice as professional accountants. Professional practice should require a University degree puls CPA certification.

    On the new syllabus, it looks better and organized. This is so because it brings some aspects of specialization. However, there are some units that have been reorganized at both foundation and intermediate levels.KASNEB should allow those who had begun taking exams in the old syllabus to proceed with the same and new candidates to begin studying the new syllabus.

    On the matter of exemptions, it should be based on each paper. Both accounting and finance graduates should be considered for exemptions as the two disciplines are related to one another.

    1. Do you know that those creme del creme students from national and provincial schools who scored clean A in their kcse find it hard to Match a student from a harambee school given the same conditions?? I am a kasneb tutor and most degree students struggle to pass a basic Accounting question which a kasneb certificate student breeze through. For further avoidance of doubt , I am a fully qualified accountant and a holder of the best degree you can attain in our universities which makes me an authority in this field

  19. Hello, being a graduate in BBA- FINANCE OPTION With IT at Maseno University, I think I deserve to be exempted from all the six foundation level units. I had been issued with an exemption letter without these two units included (Quantitative Analysis & ICT) of which I think I had thoroughly covered during my degree coursework. Please, advise on the way forward. Regards, Winfred.


        1. I did my CPA 5 and 6 in 2013 and refered 1paper in CPA 5 and 1 in CPA 6 this was heart breaking, just when I wanted to resit for 2 Papers you Changed Syllabus and I was asked to resit all the six papers before even I complete again you have changed syllabus don’t you think you are frastrating those who have been in the system.

  20. We welcome this,. Let the Accountancy training be harmonized ,& see Academic ACCOUNTANCY programmes (BCOM/BBM/BBA-ACCOUNTING OPTIONS) take a shorter time to get to CPAK,..& at the same time Kasneb work close with kenyan Universities offering Business courses to Harmonize the Degree programme with the professional paper to. Avoid duplication of papers at the various levels .(just the way ACCA does with Oxford Brooke’s University.Why cove FM FM IN CPA,Bcom & MBA?…Just to mention afew,.when the content is the same?

  21. If I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree finance speciality,what am I being exempted from in new KASNEB 2021 syllabus??

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