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Revised kasneb syllabus someakenya NOTES

Download Kasneb New Revised Syllabus

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  1. Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Syllabus
  2. Certified Secretaries (CS) Syllabus
  3. Certified Investment And Financial Analysts (CIFA) Syllabus
  4. Certified Credit Professionals (CCP) Syllabus
  5. Certified Information Systems Solutions Expert (CISSE) Syllabus
  6. Certified Forensic Fraud Examiner (CFFE) Syllabus
  7. Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD) Syllabus
  8. Diploma In Data Management And Analytics (DDMA) Syllabus
  9. Diploma In Computer Networks And Systems Administration (DCNSA)
  10. Certificate In Accounting And Management Skills (CAMS) Syllabus Syllabus
  11. Vocational Certificate In Entrepreneurship And Innovation Syllabus
  12. Vocational Certificate In Graphic Design Syllabus
  13. Vocational Certificate In Information And Cyber Security Syllabus
  14. Vocational Certificate In Blockchain Technology Syllabus

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