KASNEB HELB loan Application


How to apply for KASNEB HELB loan

To apply for KASNEB HELB loan, follow the procedure below,

  • Go to helb student portal https://studentportal.helb.co.ke/auth/signin
  • Register for an account
  • Login
  • Click Certificate
  • Select KASNEB Foundation Loan Bursary application Tuition fees only or KASNEB fees only or both
  • Agree to terms and fill the application form
  • Print two copies of the form
  • Ensure that the two forms are signed, stamped and that you have attached relevant documents
  • Take one form to Huduma Centre HELB desk and remain with one copy

Frequently Asked Questions
Should students who have HELB loans apply for new loans or top up loans?
kasneb loan is different from HELB loan hence if a student is to apply for both he/she should do that separately.

How do you deal with the different fees structures colleges have?
An average amount will be derived. It entirely depends on the student preference. If they choose to go to an institution that has a higher fee then that attracts a higher amount of loan.

How do you define needy students? Is there any background check down?
A needy student is a student from a poor background, orphaned and/or struggling financially to meet the study cost. PWDs and students from marginalized areas will also be considered. HELB has a mandate to do a background check on students before issuing them loans/bursaries.

How much loan are students qualified to apply for?

The loan covers the following:

  • Tuition fees to be paid directly to the student’s preferred accredited training institutions offering kasneb qualification such as public and private universities, tertiary education institutions and the Kenya School of Government campuses.
  • Fees payable to kasneb including registration fees, examination booking fees and annual registration renewal fees.
  • Exemption fees for kasneb students transiting from Certificate/Technician.

Is the interest rate the same in all courses?
Yes, the interest rate for the loan is the same for all qualifications. However, the loan amount varies from student to student due to the varying cost of tuition fees by different institutions. The interest rate will be computed based on the loan amount allocated to a beneficiary.

Do certificate courses also qualify for the same loan?
Yes, kasneb certificate qualifications also qualify for the loan and bursary.

Will institutions with interim accreditation qualify to administer the fund?
No, only fully accredited institutions will qualify for this fund reason being they are entitled to five (5) years accreditation compared to the 18 months for the interim accreditation hence a student can start and finish his/her studies within the 5 years.

What will be the repayment period for the loan?
The repayment period depends on the amount of loan a student has taken can take on average 2 years.

We have a big percentage of students who drop kasneb courses before they finish. How will they be treated?
All loan beneficiaries are entitled to repay their loan back. HELB will facilitate loan recovery.


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