KASNEB Student portal account

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KASNEB Student portal account

  1. Click on the student login link  then choose the student icon or proceed to click the student icon if you use the direct link (http://online.kasneb.or.ke ) to the student portal. (Note: creating a new account will require you to use a computer not a phone browser, existing accounts can be updated using phone browsers)
  2. Click on create account and select whether you have Student Registration Number or not and proceed to provide names, preferred email address and a strong password (which will be used for future access to self information) and click save.
  3. Provide the email address and password used when creating the account and click unlock to login in.
  4. Select the “Registration Details” tab.
  5. Access the “Course Choice” tab.
  6. Select the examination from the dropdown box, click on the “Yes” checkbox and provide the registration number without the prefix (e.g. if your registration number is NAC/68148, provide 68148 as the registration number) and click save.


  • If you have an account but you forgot forgot your password, you can recover it by clicking on forgot password button
  • In case you already have an account and you forgot both password and the email you used or you no longer have access to the email you created the account with, just create a new account using a new email account


CPA Past Papers – KASNEB Free Download

1. Students are required to Log into the web based e-kasneb portal using the link: http://online.kasneb.or.ke
Download the KASNEB app from android play store for easy access to e-kasneb services. (For those using the App, if the downloaded timetable fails to open, go to playstore and Download Document viewer and after installing it open it and go to download folder. That way you will be able to open it)
2. Students are required to create an account AFRESH, fill in the details and sign up. The password should have a minimum of 8 characters.
3. Students can access more information on e-kasneb using the link: http://kasneb.or.ke/wp-cont…/uploads/…/03/e-kasneb-flier.pdf
1. After successful sign up in the NEW e-kasneb application, you are required to activate your account via your email address. Go to your email address and select the message “KASNEB ACCOUNT VERIFICATION”. Click on the link to activate your account.
2. ACTIVATION OF ACCOUNT SHOULD BE DONE WITHIN 24 HOURS. If the token has expired, reset your password and log in again.
3. If you are a student with a registration number, you are required to register under “STUDENT WITH REGISTRATION NUMBER” not as a “NEW STUDENT”.
Students with registration numbers who had already registered under “NEW STUDENT” are required to register afresh under “STUDENT WITH REGISTRATION NUMBER” using a different email address.
4. For NEW students registering for the first time, ensure that the information you have provided while signing up is correct. (Names, email address, phone number and national ID number)
5. For “STUDENTS WITH REGISTRATION NUMBERS”, ensure that the information you have provided while signing up is correct (registration number, email address and phone number ).

For any issues regarding your account on the new student portal e-kasneb. Vist or use any of the following contact method to get in touch during working hours.

KASNEB Towers, Tel: 020 2712640, 020 2712828
Mobile: 0722201214, 0734600624
Email: info@kasneb.or.ke
Facebook: KASNEBOfficial
Twitter: @KASNEBOfficial

Kibera, Nairobi 0701698149 0737018536 awandeto@kasneb.or.ke
Nyeri 0701698213 0737256315 akimani@kasneb.or.ke
GPO, Nairobi 0701699013 0737315992 cmakutwa@kasneb.or.ke
Meru 0701699017 0737422739 cndwiga@kasneb.or.ke
Kisumu 0701699026 0737492586 cokomo@kasneb.or.ke
Mombasa 0701699078 0737516847 ewere@kasneb.or.ke
Kisii 0701711465 0737543023 emasese@kasneb.or.ke
Makadara, Nairobi 0701713039 0737618421 mgwaye@kasneb.or.ke
Eldoret 0701713366 0737831524 trotich@kasneb.or.ke
Nakuru 0795431440 0735031908 mlangat@kasneb.or.ke


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    winsley bahatiPosted on  7:56 am - May 15, 2018

    please send me my may exam timetable via my email bahatiwinsley79@gmail.com I can’t access it in the e kasneb app,ATD/17994

    winsley bahatiPosted on  7:52 am - May 15, 2018

    please send me my may exam timetable via my email bahatiwinsley79@gmail.com I can’t access it in the e kasneb app

    Lilian MidechaPosted on  9:18 am - May 9, 2018

    Hello, i can’t access my timetable via student portal. Kindly send it to me through the email lilianlumbe@gmail.com

    Ann njeri johnPosted on  12:51 pm - May 7, 2018

    Message:kindly send for me my timetable NAC/234243,at annkiemo@gmail.com

    cheptorus Sally JesaroPosted on  4:12 pm - Apr 24, 2018

    Hi my name is Cheptorus Sally Jesaro kindly send me timetable via my email at sallycheptorus@gmail.com

    Barbara KennedyPosted on  8:07 am - Feb 27, 2018

    I came to your KASNEB Student portal account | CPA|ATD|CS|CCP|DCM|CIFA|CICT|DICT notes page and noticed you could have a lot more traffic. I have found that the key to running a website is making sure the visitors you are getting are interested in your subject matter. We can send you targeted traffic and we let you try it for free. Get over 1,000 targeted visitors per day to your website. Check it out here: http://insl.co/m Unsubscribe here: http://pzr.eu/18

    Gladys Nduta NjauPosted on  7:13 am - Jan 18, 2018

    I have a degree in commerce, finance option. I have already done section 1 CIFA I wanted to know which units i will be exempted in Section 2

    Brian ochieng omondiPosted on  12:45 pm - Jan 5, 2018

    Hae , I wish to know when are the timetables for may exams going to be ready

    GERTRUDE CHEPKORIRPosted on  10:21 am - Dec 5, 2017

    Hi’ would like to know my last exam sitting payments updates.

    karanja naomi wangariPosted on  11:33 am - Nov 21, 2017

    Message:kindly send me my time table NAC/269996

    WinnePosted on  1:00 pm - Nov 20, 2017

    Can I get my examination timetable .. Dec 2017 examination. Nac/282647

    kiteme kilonzoPosted on  8:12 am - Nov 20, 2017

    please confirm my Nov. 2017 registration

    KEVIN WASIKE BARASAPosted on  6:43 am - Nov 20, 2017

    i cant get my timetable NAC/249524 email ;kellywas72@gmail.com

    eric esauPosted on  3:50 am - Nov 19, 2017

    Message:kindly send me my CPA exam timetable for November my registration number is NAC/293352 and email is ericesau16@gmail.com

    cathrine wangui waweruPosted on  2:27 pm - Nov 14, 2017

    I’ve not received my exam timetable, my registration number is Nac/143927

    ANNAH DISHONPosted on  11:23 am - Nov 14, 2017

    Hi !help me to access my kasneb timetable my gmail doesn’t open student portal a/c.Kindly assist.

    THASLYNE ADHIAMBO OOKOPosted on  7:39 am - Nov 7, 2017

    Am not able to open a new account why?

    Mutai Kipchirchir GeofreyPosted on  9:08 am - Nov 1, 2017

    Hi,am Mutai Kipchirchir Geofrey registration number NAC/179485 would Like to know my examination center and the dates, thanks

    philomena kananuPosted on  8:30 am - Oct 30, 2017

    haven’t received my timetable for Nov sitting

    mary achokiPosted on  6:36 am - Oct 10, 2017

    is it possible for me to skip doing nov exams 2017 to may 2018 that i paid for and not pay anything come may.am having personal issues

    victor okothPosted on  10:29 am - Oct 9, 2017

    Message:Hi, i would like to know my examination centre

    PETER O KAYWAPosted on  1:12 pm - Oct 7, 2017

    Help me know where ill be sitting for my november exams from because i chose wrong center of exam am in kisumu

    nac/137955Posted on  7:51 am - Oct 5, 2017

    send me timetable please for November sitting

    victorPosted on  8:07 am - Jun 23, 2017

    May 2017 cpa results will be out when?

    isaiah Githua wang’ang’aPosted on  2:55 pm - May 23, 2017

    Hi, i have an account but a forgot the password n i have tried to reset and its not working.How can i recover my account.

    MUTHUI MUYUMBIPosted on  9:07 am - May 22, 2017

    Please send me my exam time table via email account calebmuyumbi@gmail.com now

    Evans TinegaPosted on  2:56 pm - May 19, 2017

    kindly send me my CPA sec 6 exam for may 2017exam timetable online so that i print it

    Judith MoraaPosted on  2:42 pm - May 19, 2017

    hello i can not access my password confirm my examinatiom centre, in Zambia kindly reply.

    Nancy MwangiPosted on  4:40 pm - May 18, 2017

    Kindly send me my timetable. NSC/207208

    Ivy chemutaiPosted on  12:39 pm - May 18, 2017

    Message:can’t access my portal.kindly send me timetable
    my reg no is. ISP/5645 ivyselim@gmail.com

    Jackson kangethePosted on  5:32 am - May 18, 2017

    kindly send me my timetable i cannot access kasneb app,ATD/4581 to my email kangethejam@gmail.com

    Jackson kangethePosted on  5:30 am - May 18, 2017

    kindly send me my timetable kasneb app,ATD/4581 to my email kangethejam@gmail.com

    JANET MAIYOPosted on  6:54 am - May 17, 2017

    kindly send me my tiimetable Reg No NAC/268990 to my email janetmaiyo30@gmail.com i cannot access my portal please

    Stephen MachariaPosted on  12:09 pm - May 15, 2017

    Hi admin, I can’t access student portal. Kindly send my timetable for my cpa exams on my email address. Reg no. Nac/19098

    CATHERINE MORAA NYANG’AUPosted on  10:09 am - May 15, 2017

    Am not able to log in to my account,kindly please send my timetable to my email account.

    Green victor matekeyaPosted on  8:01 am - May 15, 2017

    I have been unable to access my students portal. Want to change my examination centre from maasai mara university To Starehe boys cenre and school. Help me please

    VERONICAH NJAMBI KURIAPosted on  6:25 am - May 15, 2017

    kindly send my timetable for section 5,6 via my email njambik1993@gmail.com

    Mercy Muthoni KuriaPosted on  6:54 am - May 12, 2017

    kindly send my timetable via my email,for section 5,6 My email address is mercymuthonik@yahoo.com

    abongo fredrickPosted on  1:09 pm - May 11, 2017

    Hello is there some charges while creating student account

    ireen mukiri isp/6265Posted on  8:20 am - May 11, 2017

    kindly assist in accessing my timetable because my portal isn’t opening.i have tried for many days without success.
    thank you

    CAROLINE MULEPosted on  1:00 pm - May 10, 2017

    I am unable to login to the Kasneb student portal account.I received a pin for my kasneb wallet but the link isnt opening yet despite that my account is already verified.How do i access my exam timetable?

    Mary NjugunaPosted on  6:57 am - May 10, 2017

    please assist me on how i can get my timetable because my portal isn’t opening

    Sharon WachiraPosted on  10:01 am - May 9, 2017

    I cannot access my account because it is not activated despite having my activation code and everytime I try to re-sign up I get the result that am already registered. Please help I cannot access my timetable

    mourine wamboiPosted on  9:23 am - May 9, 2017

    Message:please send me my timetable to my email mourine.wamboi@gmail.com because i cant acces the portal

    chelangat faithPosted on  7:35 am - May 9, 2017

    Message:have tried to create a Kasneb student account but I can’t, I need a timetable

    Hellen Wanjeri KeigePosted on  4:56 am - May 9, 2017

    I am unable to login and i want to access my timetable. i have not also received my registration card.

    john mutisyaPosted on  4:39 am - May 7, 2017

    why my account is not opening i wanted to access may 2017 exam timetable for ATD 2?

    wycliffePosted on  6:23 pm - May 5, 2017

    why is somea kenya eveywhere on kasneb website.kindly let kasneb do their staff reasonably.cant even log in because of u

    Elishiba GikumbaPosted on  1:32 pm - May 3, 2017

    Hi!kindly assist me on how to access my exam timetable

    nicholus njoguPosted on  6:32 am - May 3, 2017

    hello! am nicholus, i would like to log in into my account but no success. what the matter, i wanted to know center where i will be sitting my may 2017 exams.

    Dominic MutaiPosted on  5:58 pm - May 2, 2017

    hi Admin….I registered my portal in ATC 1 in Nov 2015….bt wen th syllabus ws changed I ws given another ATD 2 No-….now th problm is wen I trie
    d to create another portal using different email ikakataa…I visited kasneb office in upperhil n they adviced me tht they wil launch another Kasneb App na ile kasneb interactive ya awali wataitoa….so am wondering wats the problm ju time imeenda ….plz advice.

    NelsonPosted on  8:57 am - May 2, 2017

    Hi? What is the problem with my email it doesn’t open your account help me

    MUNOKO WANJALA BEVILPosted on  7:48 pm - Apr 30, 2017

    Hallo over there. I love my course. Alot; but am badly off financially. So i irregulary attend my classes. Read about KASNEB students being given loans. Should the propasal be passed. Kindly help me secure one. Been thinking too; now that am just an ATD 2 student. Might you guys be having job outlets for students at my level.

    NyandoPosted on  8:29 am - Apr 30, 2017

    I am trying to log in to your student portal but I cant get through yet I am using my correct email address and password. I have even tried to follow the links you are sending us on access the timetable but still nothing is working. I urgently need to access my CPA section 5 timetable so that I can ascertain whether my sitting center has been changed or it remains the same as what I had indicated on applying for the exams not. Kindly assist I really need this service or please send me my timetable on my email (nyandohellen13@gmail.com).


    mary mbithiPosted on  12:17 pm - Apr 27, 2017

    It has been hard to open my account. Please help me on how to open because it says wrong password.

    FredrickPosted on  10:25 pm - Apr 25, 2017

    Im trying to log in but cant go through. I had an account en was functional. Now you are telling us to reset my password and no caption for resetting ( only email and password). Elaborate this please

    JEPCHIRCHIR MERCYPosted on  12:35 pm - Apr 25, 2017

    Am a registered student of CPA sect 2 sitting an exam of May 2017. I have a problem in login page where when i insert my emails details , the server types in an error or the no is registered to another person. Right now i cant view my details of examination centre and time table. and the time is almost due.please help

    JoycePosted on  5:25 am - Apr 20, 2017

    I created an account n accidentally used someone else registration number. How do i rectify this.?

    Juma WilliamPosted on  5:04 pm - Apr 10, 2017

    My name is Juma and am registered as Kasneb student but I cannot log in to kasneb portal although I had registered earlier.

    Kindly assist me.

    selestina mngaoPosted on  7:24 pm - Apr 8, 2017

    Is their exemptions in diploma exams

    Ruth WanjiruPosted on  5:05 pm - Apr 8, 2017

    Message:Hello Admin. Am a first year student at Kisii University. I wish to register with KASNEB, and start my first exams November 2017. Please would you advise me on how to register so that I become a student.
    Thank you

    MAGDALINE WANJA NGARIPosted on  7:12 am - Feb 21, 2017

    Registered for CPA at Moi university-Main campus,how can i get my registration number?

    MAGDALINE WANJA NGARIPosted on  7:11 am - Feb 21, 2017

    MAGDALINE WANJA NGARI Registered for CPA at Moi university-Main campus,how can i get my registration number?

    MAGDALINE WANJA NGARIPosted on  7:07 am - Feb 21, 2017

    My Registration number

    EVERLYNE MWENI JUMAPosted on  2:01 pm - Feb 14, 2017

    How can I get my Certificates for both ATC and CPA? am now in section 3

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