Role played by External Resource Department in raising of external finances

The ERD is critical for the harmonization of external aid procedures and policies with those of the country. The ADB desk within the ERD facilitates the smooth administration and management of ADB projects and programs in the country.

Functions of External Resource Department in raising of external finances

  1. The coordination of negotiations between the Government and the ADB,
  2. Assistance to liaise with Ministries in the preparation of projects to be funded by the Bank,
  3. Monitoring & evaluation of projects,
  4. Facilitate the disbursement of project funds,
  5. Facilitation of missions,
  6. Attendance at Project Steering Committee Meetings
  7. Serving as the liaison between line ministries and the Bank.

Objectives of ERD

  • Soliciting funds from Development Partners while focusing on development priorities stipulated in current policy documents e.g. ERS/IPERS.
  • Involvement in all stages of project development cycle. The department will strive to participate by representation in project appraisal, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation stages for all Donor Funded Projects in the budget.
  • Enhancing project implementation through tying release of funds to production of project work plans as inputs to the annual budget estimates.

To achieve the above objectives, the Department: –

  • Identify, negotiate and secure sources of external funding on behalf of the government.
  • Integrate Donor Commitments into Annual Estimates and MTEF budget process.
  • Expedite authorization of disbursement of Donor funds to implementing agencies.
  • Ensure participatory periodic monitoring and evaluation of all budgeted projects and programmes.
  • Ensure full involvement in appraisal of new projects.
  • Strengthen co-ordination of bilateral consultative meeting between the Government and Donors.
  • Facilitate provision of technical assistance from Donors to Government Ministries and Departments.
  • Ensure effective management of Government/Donor Financial Agreements including protocols and follow up of loans utilization.
  • Carry out continuous forecasting and analysis of resources inflows and disbursement to all projects and programmes

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