Transition Guideline for KASNEB Old Syllabus to New Syllabus 2021

Transition arrangements for the New KASNEB Competencies examinations Syllabus

Transition arrangements are usually made to ensure a smooth roll over from the old syllabuses to the New syllabuses.

The transition provisions from the current syllabus to the revised syllabuses are as follows.

Full details to be updated soon:


Here’s what CPA continuing students should know

KASNEB August sitting exams will commence on 30th August and end on 03rd September. That is 10 weeks from now.This duration is more than enough to make you well prepared for exam. August sitting will be examined under current syllabus.

Do not let the syllabus change worry you such that you decide to wait for it.This is because once new syllabus will be launched, KASNEB will roll out a smooth transition guideline for continuing students into the new syllabus. This means that continuing students will be required to take only the units that they have not done in a level during old syllabus.

Additionaly, where units like Management accounting and Public finance and taxation(currently section 2) have been shifted to intermediate level, no student will repeat the units once at that level provided that he/she took the units and passed when under current syllabus.

Another case is where a unit like Quantitative analysis, currently at section 4, has been shifted to foundational level. Here,you will do that unit if you did not take it under current syllabus.

The best thing is to ensure that you are on board for August sitting so that the smooth transition guideline for continuing students,which may also involve setting a grace period,favours you.



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  1. Hi am a student of old syllabus and so far I have one unit I haven’t completed ,,what is your advice now that the syllabus has changed?

  2. Hi can can those who finished CPA earlier before the revised syllabus 2021 attend 1year practical experience organized by kasneb & icpak

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