Financial Accounting

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Financial Accounting

We have been waiting for long to present this revised financial accounting study text to you in softcopy, Now you can get Financial Accounting for CPA section 1 and CIFA section 1 and Financial Accounting for ATD level II. Introduction to Financial Accounting for ATD level 1 and Principles of Accounting for Certified secretaries were also recently completed.
And the newest one out now is Foundations of Accounting Diploma in Information Communication Technologists –DICT Level III.

Struggle to pass Accounting subjects has come to an end with these comprehensive study texts which has examples and revision exercise questions from the most recent past paper for the KASNEB revised/updated syllabus.

To get it in either hardcopy or softcopy contact our office 0707737890 or email someakenya@gmail.com

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    I need wearhousing and stock control notes

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    CPA Financial Accounting study kit

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    Which are frequently tested chapters in financial accounting

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    application for cpa

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    CPA financial accounting study kit

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