How to register with KASNEB for CPA ATD CS CIFA CCP DCM CICT DICT CPSP-K AND APS-K courses

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How to register with KASNEB for CPA ATD CS CIFA CCP DCM CICT DICT CPSP-K AND APS-K courses

To become a KASNEB student these are the requirements and the process to follow

Diploma examinations:


(a) Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with an aggregate average of at least grade C- (C Minus), or equivalent.

(b) Any other KASNEB technician or diploma examination certificate.

Professional examinations


(a) Secondary education (O level) certificate with an aggregate average of at least grade C+ (or equivalent) provided the applicant has obtained a minimum of grade C+ (or equivalent) in both English and Mathematics.

(b) Advanced education (A level) certificate with at least two principal passes provided that the applicant has credits in Mathematics and English at secondary education level.

(c) KASNEB technician, diploma or professional examination certificate.

(d) A degree from a recognised university.

(e) Such other certificates or diplomas as may be approved by KASNEB.


Registration dates

(a) Applicants intending to take the May examination must be registered not later than 30 November of the previous year, while those intending to take the November examination must register as students not later than the preceding 31 May.

(b) Late registration may be accepted up to 15 February for the May sitting and 15 August for the November sitting on payment of late registration fee, which is an additional 50% of the normal registration fee.

(c) Syllabuses are provided to applicants upon registration as students of KASNEB.

Registration Renewal

(a) The annual registration renewal fee shall become due on 1 July following the first eligible examination sitting and annually thereafter.

(b) Registration numbers for students who do not book for any examination within three years from the date of registration will have their numbers suspended. the suspended registration numbers will only be reactivated upon payment of a reactivation fee and the appropriate renewal.

Examination Entries

(a) Registered students who wish to take the examination must submit the prescribed entry forms, duly completed together with the appropriate examination fee on or before the specified dates. The closing date for the receipt of the entries for the December examination is the preceding 15 August and for the June Examination is the preceding 15 February.

(b) Late entries may be accepted up to one month after the closing date for the normal entries on payment of late entry fee, which is an additional 50% of the normal examination entry fee.

(c) Information on examination dates and examination is available on the KASNEB website: www.kasneb.or.ke and in the KASNEB Newsline.


Exemptions will be granted on a paper by paper basis. Exemptions will be granted to applicants who are deemed to have adequately covered the subject matter in the papers that they wish to be exempted. Applicants seeking exemption must therefore show evidence of adequate coverage of the content for the papers in which they are applying for exemption. However, no exemptions will be granted in Part III of the professional examinations other that to graduates of the examinations of KASNEB

Exemptions for holders of KASNEB qualifications

(a) Exemptions will be granted for all common papers in the diploma and professional examinations.

(b) No exemptions will be granted to technician examination graduates beyond Part I of the professional examinations.

(c) In granting exemptions, consideration will also be given to the core areas of expertise of the person seeking exemption. For instance, a CPA graduate is considered to be proficient in accounting and therefore would be exempted in accounting papers in other professional examinations of KASNEB.

Exemptions for holders of qualifications from other universities and examination bodies

Exemptions may be given to holders of degrees, diplomas and certificates from other recognised universities, institutions of higher learning and examination bodies. In order to qualify for exemption under this category, applicants must provide evidence of adequate coverage of the content of the papers for which they have applied for exemption. However, no exemptions will be granted in Part III of the professional examinations except for graduates of the examinations of KASNEB.

Procedure for exemptions

Applicants seeking exemptions must complete the relevant application forms for exemption and pay the prescribed exemption fees. All applications for exemption must be accompanied by the relevant supporting documents.

Note: An exempted candidate is not allowed to enter for the exempted paper without prior authority from the Secretary and Chief Executive of KASNEB. Any candidate who flouts this rule will automatically forfeit all exemptions granted to him/her.

Registration requirements for professional examinations

Applicants, who wish to be registered as students of KASNEB, must meet the set rules, regulations and guidelines governing its examinations which are published in the various examinations syllabuses and guides. The examinations guides are obtainable free of charge at the offices of KASNEB.

Among the approved basic registration requirements for the professional examinations of KASNEB, is the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) certificate with a minimum aggregate average of C+ provided that the applicant has obtained C+ in both English and Mathematics.

In the spirit of offering equal opportunities to all, KASNEB wishes to open more avenues for applicants intending to be registered as students of KASNEB. Consequently students who sit for KCSE examination and attain a minimum aggregate average of C+ in KCSE but do not score a C+ in Mathematics and/or English may be considered for registration upon production of an upgraded certificate/result slip from either of the following:

(a) Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) – KCSE examination resit

An applicant with an aggregate average of at least C+ but with a grade below C+ in English and/or Mathematics may be considered for registration upon submitting an application supported by documentary evidence of having resat the subject(s) in KCSE and passed with at least a C+ in English and/or Mathematics.

(b) Universities/National Polytechnics – Bridging courses

An applicant with an aggregate average of at least C+ but with a grade below C+ in English and/or Mathematics may be considered for registration upon submitting an application supported by documentary evidence of having taken and passed a bridging course in English and/or Mathematics offered by a recognised university or a national polytechnic.

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    JohnPosted on  10:26 am - Sep 14, 2018

    Hi I did my kcse 2017 and attained a mean grade of B- ,,, C plain in English and an A- in mathematics do I quality to do CPA

    EmmanuelPosted on  9:27 am - Jul 11, 2018

    Hello Admin, I am Emmanuel, taking bcom in KCA university first year,, I sat last year KCSE and managed to attained a mean grade of B- with an A in maths and D+ in English, can i qualify to do CPA? kindly assist

    Sharon muchubaPosted on  8:02 am - Jul 9, 2018

    Can I attach my secondary school results slip instead of secondary school certificate during registration with you

    WilfredPosted on  2:31 pm - Jul 4, 2018

    Having managed to do my DIPLOMA in ACCOUNTANCY KNEC EXAMINATIONS from a recognized National Polytechnic and passed and also obtained a mean grade of C+ KCSE, English B & Mathematics D am l guaranteed any exemptions when it comes to undertaking CPAs?

    Do you offer direct online registrations be it membership or examinations?
    Kindly respond admin.


    MaggiePosted on  6:59 pm - May 24, 2018

    Hey admin I got a mean grade of C+ , mathematics C-section and English B- can I do CPA

    Faith NyamburaPosted on  1:39 pm - May 17, 2018

    Hi admin,am Faith, i obtained a C+ in my KCSE a C- in Maths, B-in Kiswahili and English and i want to pursue CPA. Do i qualify

    Mercy MmbonePosted on  9:30 am - May 10, 2018

    Hello , I completed my kcse last year and attained a mean grade of C- with a C plain in mathematics and a C+ in English, do I qualify to pursue CPA

    RobaiPosted on  12:13 pm - Apr 23, 2018

    Hi Admin, am currently a 4th-year student of BCOM FINANCE OPTION. I want to register for CPA for the November Exams. which units will I be exempted to do and what is the procedure for application and what does it take to do CPA

    HalimaPosted on  12:38 pm - Apr 21, 2018

    I have completed secondary school last yr and I have mean grade of C plain with D-in maths and D plain in eng have I qualified to study CPA

    SamPosted on  9:14 pm - Mar 15, 2018

    Helloh am sam i had C bt i got a D plain english and E in maths and iwish to do ATD du i qualify:

    Harrison KipkorirPosted on  9:08 am - Mar 6, 2018

    Hello I happen to have scored a mean grade of C plain in KCSE with a C in Maths and C- in English.I have a Diploma in Business Management from a University.I want to register for CPA. Am I eligible and from what level.Pliz advice.

    Bett Chebet NellyPosted on  7:02 pm - Jan 28, 2018

    Message:I completed p1(primary teacher course) 2017 and obtained 36 points..KCSE mean grade C+,,mathematics C- and English C- .will I qualify to pursue CPA course?

    Bendetta nzukiPosted on  10:21 am - Jan 28, 2018

    I had a c- in 2014 kcse , eng c and maths D+ am I eligible to do cpa

    bendetta nzukiPosted on  9:07 pm - Jan 27, 2018

    Hello, am bendetta I had c- in kcse c in eng and D+ in maths , am eligible to do cpa?

    PROTUS OKUBO MUKHAYOPosted on  6:26 am - Dec 25, 2017

    Message:I scored a B- in kcse in the yr 2016,having scored a B- in mathematics and bellow a c+ in English.So far I am doing a degree leading to bachelor of Education and Arts(Mathematics & Business Studies) at Masinde Muliro University of science and technology (MMUST),is it possible for to apply for CPA.Am I eligible.


      AdminPosted on  4:25 pm - Dec 30, 2017

      Hello, you are eligible to do CPA. Besides your KCSE result slip you will be required to provide atleast one semester university result slip and a letter from your school showing that you are a continuing student undertaking a degree course

    khavere BevaryPosted on  6:41 am - Nov 2, 2017

    Message:hi admin ,am bevary ,,a current student at kaiboi technical, just finished my module 1 knec Diploma in Business Management and attained a Credit,,, I had a mean of C plain with C+ in English at secondary level, ,am I eligible to register for CPA or ATD .


    Patricia WairimuPosted on  7:55 am - Oct 13, 2017

    Hi,I have done CPA upto section 6 and I currently want to begin CIFA in January 2018 .I am aware that there exemptions that i will have,just wondering which ones they are and how much in total should I pay while registering??

    Thank you.

    LakshmanPosted on  4:35 pm - Oct 5, 2017

    I HV a c- in English am I gud to do cpa

    GracePosted on  7:44 am - Sep 29, 2017

    Message: Hi, am a student pursing diploma In accountancy, wants to start with my CPA, am I really qualified?

    Mayaka MargaretPosted on  10:40 am - Sep 24, 2017

    Hello admin, am mayaka Margaret I got a C+ in KSCE with B- and Cplain in English am I qualified for CPA currently passuing Bcom am a 4th yr student

    AntonyPosted on  12:58 pm - Aug 27, 2017

    Am a diploma in business management candidate graduate and have covered almost all the units in cpa part 1, will i be exempted in all those units after providing an evidence to have covered them?

    robert oukoPosted on  8:31 am - Aug 4, 2017

    hi admin please help me am new here just regestered afew minutes ago how do i continue with ATD course?

    josphine kamauPosted on  9:50 am - Jul 19, 2017

    hello can I register for cpa part 11 before am exempted part 1? I was pursuing bachelor of commerce and I have recently completed school waiting for graduation I have my 1,2,3 year transcripts n not yet 4th yr transcript n there’s a unit we did in fourth yr called entrepreneurship which is required for exemption I want to sit for this year December exam what do I do?

    josphine kamauPosted on  9:43 am - Jul 19, 2017

    Message:hello am through with my bachelor of commerce pursuing finance option and would like to sit for November exams n would like to b exempted part 1 and part 11 part of section 1 such as financial management but I have my 3 yrs transcript that is first second and third year but I don’t have my fourth year transcript because I have not yet graduated can I register for part 11 before exemptions ?

    IsabelPosted on  3:20 pm - Jul 17, 2017

    Hello,I wish to sit for Nov / Dec exams…..Is it possible if I register before and pay for the exams before 15 aug? Please advise

    IsabelPosted on  3:18 pm - Jul 17, 2017

    Is it possible to register for register with kasneb by 15 aug and sit for nov / Dec exams?

    wafula brendaPosted on  7:03 pm - Jul 10, 2017

    Message:how will i know that im registered for kasneb

    Faith kaimuriPosted on  9:20 am - Jun 27, 2017

    hi admin.. I sat for my cpa sec 1 part 2 and got credit in cost accounting in 2014 and I could like to continue. will I sit only for the 2 papers I failed and how can get my registration number again since I forgot. please help.
    best regards,

    arap tonuiPosted on  7:21 pm - Jun 13, 2017

    hello admin, I had aggregate of c+ in kcse and B- in maths and C plain in English will I qualify to do CPA?

    ChegePosted on  8:41 pm - Jun 11, 2017

    Hi.Am I eligible to pursue CIFA as a first year b com student with a mean grade of B+ with B+ and C+ in mathematics and English respectively?. And if so, what is the duration to complete each level.

    birechPosted on  2:27 pm - Jun 9, 2017

    I am currently working as and i wish to register as a KASNEB DCM student with a mean grade of C .am i eligible?

    Fridah. ChemutaiPosted on  7:30 am - May 30, 2017

    Hello admin, my name is Fridah. Currently am doing a Bcom 3rd yr, I have done a diploma in business management and a certificate in HRM. I got C- Kcse. I would like to do CPA exams from December , tell me how to do I start it now given dateline is tomorrow. I’m in THIKA.

    CurtisKitPosted on  5:58 pm - May 25, 2017

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    SamsonPosted on  10:51 am - May 24, 2017

    Message:I sat for ATCI but I paused due to or two things and I had a credit in all the papers except principle of management, I would wish to carry-on how can this happen?


      AdminPosted on  11:17 am - May 24, 2017

      Hi, you will now take ATD, But credits from ATC are not applicable. there are also no exemptions on ATD. That means you will now take up the whole level for ATD

    cheruiyot evansPosted on  3:36 pm - May 6, 2017

    Message:Hello,am Cheruiyot Evans currently a 3rd year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.I had a mean grade of B(plain) in kcse with a B+ and a C(plain)in both maths and english respectively.Am i eligible to register Cpa?

    AbdulmubarakPosted on  6:29 am - May 4, 2017

    Message: hellow i need to register for CPA student and igot C- in kcse 2016 kindly can i qualified for it?


      AdminPosted on  3:55 pm - May 4, 2017

      Hello, You will register for ATD – Accounting Technician Diploma. It has level 1, 2 and 3. Each level takes 6 months. After completing ATD, you will be eligible to proceed to CPA and you will be exempted from doing CPA section 1 and 2. You will start at section 3.

    caroline BitokPosted on  2:29 pm - Apr 30, 2017

    Message:I am a bachelors holders in social sciences (mathematics economics ) and I want to apply for CPA can I apply for exception and how can I go about it

    FANCY CHEROPPosted on  12:12 pm - Apr 29, 2017

    can i register online for certified credit professional cause?I am degree graduate and also a CPA k,can i be exempted?and to which level?

    muli nthenyaPosted on  8:57 pm - Apr 28, 2017

    Message: I would like to pursue cifa .how can I go about it ?? currently am a student taking bed science

    Allan MakutsaPosted on  4:40 pm - Apr 28, 2017

    Hi. Can i register for CPA i got a B with B- in English and B in Mathematics
    Am pursuing Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Computer science) I am a first year so when do i have to start it ?

    MAURENEPosted on  9:55 am - Apr 6, 2017

    Can I register with KASNEB online want to pursue ATD at NIBS

    SHARLPosted on  1:14 pm - Mar 10, 2017


    jackline mwanzauPosted on  11:46 am - Mar 7, 2017

    Please Admin..have already pursued diploma in accountancy obtained pass in knec..am I elligble to do kasneb because my worry is I had c plain in kcse c- in mathematics and c plain in English… Please answer….

    Paul ModuwaPosted on  3:23 pm - Feb 12, 2017

    I would want to know how DICT exam results is being graded by KASNEB

    calvinPosted on  6:36 pm - Feb 11, 2017

    I got a (c) plain in my secondary education and did a diploma in business management. Am through with my diploma course work but haven’t graduated yet. Am I eligible to take CPA?

    Anthony wamaingePosted on  8:37 am - Jan 24, 2017

    hello admin, am a holder of a diploma in Accounting and finance and interested to do my CPAs… what part do i start? or exemptions are from what part?

    korir kimutaoPosted on  7:51 pm - Jan 21, 2017

    I have diploma in accountancy and I had C- in may kcse can I qualify to do CPA???

    Violet KelahPosted on  2:05 pm - Jan 18, 2017

    Message:Am Violet Kelah having [c]plain with c+ in maths&[c] in English Which is the suitable KASNEB course for me?

    Jeldah KemuntoPosted on  7:05 am - Jan 13, 2017

    Message: lm Jeldah Kemunto taking diploma in accounting and finance at kisii university can i register cpa and do exams now before graduation which will be December

    Jacinta kalonduPosted on  6:42 am - Jan 11, 2017

    Am a bachelor of logistics and supply chain management,a third year

    Jacinta KalonduPosted on  6:39 am - Jan 11, 2017

    I want to register for cpsp-k..how can I go about it? Can I do part one and get a certificate?

    timehPosted on  8:57 pm - Jan 10, 2017

    Can i regester for CPA i got a B- with C+ in english and D in mathematics
    Am taking bachelors of science (entreprenuership)


      adminPosted on  6:50 am - Jan 11, 2017

      Yes you qualify to do CPA, while submitting your certificates for registration include a leter from your school indicating that you are a continuing student taking a degree course.

    peter musyokaPosted on  5:44 pm - Jan 6, 2017

    admin am a bachelor of commerce student actually second year can i register with kasneb to do cpa


      adminPosted on  5:53 pm - Jan 6, 2017

      Yes, You can register as a KASNEB student to CPA, even if you didn’t meet c+ in English and in Mathematics. you only need to provide a letter from your school to confirm you are a continuing student taking a degree course.

    Dennis mwaki johnPosted on  2:27 pm - Jan 4, 2017

    I need to register for CPA students where will I register,requirements for registration and the registration fee required


      adminPosted on  5:54 pm - Jan 4, 2017

      Hello you can register as a KASNEB CPA Student at Huduma centres that have kasneb counters. requirements are mean grade of C+ and a C+ in mathematics and english. Registration fee sh. 5000 and examination fee sh. 2700
      For more information visit http://www.kasneb.or.ke

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