KASNEB New Fee structure 2018

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KASNEB New Fee structure 2018



  • Registration fee            – Ksh. 3,500
  • Annual registration renewal fee           – Ksh. 1,200
  • Registration reactivation fee – Ksh. 2,000
  • Student identity card replacement fee – Ksh. 500


  • Registration fees – ksh. 6,000
  • Annual registration renewal fees – ksh. 1,600
  • Registration reactivation fees – ksh. 3,000
  • Student identity card replacement fees – ksh. 500


  • Registration fees – ksh. 7,500
  • Annual registration renewal fees – ksh. 2,000
  • Registration reactivation fees – ksh.4,000
  • Student identity card replacement fees – ksh.500


  • Enrollment fee – ksh.40,000
  • Examination fee per paper – ksh. 20,000
  • Continuation fee per annum – ksh.15,000




  • Level 1 – ksh. 3,000
  • Level 2 – ksh. 2,500

*Single paper: Level 1 – ksh. 1,000, Level 2 – ksh. 1,200



  • Level 1 – ksh. 4,000
  • Level 2 – ksh. 4,500
  • Level 3 – ksh. 5,000

*Single paper: Level 1 – ksh. 1,200, Level 2 – ksh. 1,400, Level 3 – ksh. 1,600


  • Level 1 – ksh. 4,600
  • Level 2 – ksh. 4,500
  • Level 3 – ksh. 5,600

*Single paper: Theory papers; Level 1: – Ksh. 1,200, Level 2:  – Ksh. 1,400, Level 3: – Ksh. 1,600

*Single paper: Practical papers; Level 1:  – Ksh. 2,000, Level 3: – Ksh. 2,500



Part I:   

  1. Section 1 – ksh. 3,500
  2. Section 2 – ksh. 3,500

Total for Part I – ksh. 7,000

*Single paper – ksh. 1,750

Part II:  

  1. Section 3 – ksh. 6,000
  2. Section 4 – ksh.. 6,000

Total for Part II – ksh. 12,000

*Single paper – ksh. 3,000

Part III:

  1. Section 5 – ksh. 9,000
  2. Section 6 – ksh. 9,000

Total for Part III – ksh. 18,000

*Single paper – ksh. 4,500


Part I:   

  1. Section 1 – ksh. 3,800
  2. Section 2 – ksh. 3,800

Total for Part I – ksh. 7,600

*Single paper (Theory) – ksh. 1,750

*Single paper (Practical) – ksh. 2,500

Part II:

  1. Section 3 – ksh. 6,000
  2. Section 4 – ksh.. 6,500

Total for Part II – ksh. 12,500

*Single paper (Theory) – ksh. 3,000

*Single paper (Practical) – ksh. 3,600

Part III:

  1. Section 5 – ksh. 9,000
  2. Section 6 – ksh. 9,000

Total for Part III – ksh. 18,000

*Single paper (Theory) – ksh. 4,500

ICT Project – ksh. 10,000




  • Level I: Per paper             1,500
  • Level II: Per paper           1,700
  • Level III: Per paper          1,900




  • Part I per paper – 1,800
  • Part II per paper – 2,700
  • Part III per paper – 3,800



SYLLABUSES cost per copy – ksh. 500

PAST QUESTION PAPERS – A set for each level or section – Ksh.200


  1. May examinations – 31 March
  2. November examinations – 30 September


kasneb registration fees and/or examination fees for Students who pay their May examinations between 1 October and 31 December and for November examinations between 1 April and 30 June will enjoy the following discounted fees:

Registration fees (discounted)   

  • Certificate (CAMS) – Ksh.3,000
  • Diploma – Ksh. 5,000
  • Professional –  Ksh. 6,000

Examination fees (discount)                                                  

An early bird discount of Ksh. 300 will be given for a section or level and Ksh. 100 for a single paper as applicable.


  1. Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd. (KCB) Account Number: 1203681194
  2. National Bank of Kenya Ltd. (NBK) Account Number: 01001031572601
  3. Equity Bank Ltd. Account Number: 0170299238025
  4. Kenya Post Office Savings Bank Ltd. (Postbank)
  5. Account Number: 0744130009246
  6. Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd. Account Number: 01129128535900
  7. UBA Kenya Bank Ltd. Account Number: 55030160004156
  8. KCB dollar account for foreign students Account Number: 1123096465


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    RachaelPosted on  10:23 am - Aug 28, 2018

    Good afternoon.I am done with CPA(k),and would like to do CCP.Kindly advice on excemption and charges

    DorothyPosted on  11:15 am - Aug 27, 2018

    Hello admi I missed out on normal exam registration 2018, has it been extended To 31st August 2018

    markPosted on  11:23 am - Aug 26, 2018

    I thot Kasneb is a body that helps the poor,I did not knw it s a smart farm for harvesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    edwardPosted on  7:16 am - Aug 22, 2018

    Hi, i registered in Jan 2017 and yet have never received my student ID WHAT CAN I DO and i paid for it .next i don’t know when to pay my renewal fee did so in July 2017

    obalaPosted on  8:55 am - Jul 25, 2018

    Hi admin,

    I am bachelor of business management (finance option) degree holder, what are the exemptions in CPA?
    i would enroll for the nov/dec 2018 exams?



      AdminPosted on  5:47 pm - Jul 25, 2018

      Section 1:
      Financial Accounting
      Commercial Law
      Entrepreneurship and Communication

      Section 2:

      Section 3:
      Financial Management
      (i) Exemptions in the Management Accounting paper will only be considered if an applicant has covered an equivalent paper
      (ii) Exemptions in the Public Finance and Taxation paper will only be considered if an applicant has covered an equivalent paper or a paper with a bias in taxation practice.

    obalaPosted on  8:44 am - Jul 25, 2018

    hi admin, which exemptions will i get since i have BBM (finance degree)?I would like to sit for the upcoming exams..

    LilianPosted on  4:44 am - Jul 25, 2018

    Hello, I shifted from the centre I earlier used to sit for CPA part 1& 2. How can I change the exam centre

    LilianPosted on  5:39 pm - Jul 22, 2018

    Hello admin, I did my last exam for cpa part 2 in June 2012, Kindly confirm for me how much i am required to pay.Planning to have section 5 sitting in in dec 2018


      AdminPosted on  7:46 pm - Jul 23, 2018

      There is a waiver going on till September 30th this year. you will pay arrears of up to 3 years, then renewal fee for the current year and the exam fee. no registration reinstatement fee will be paid

    phoebePosted on  12:52 am - Jul 17, 2018

    Message:Hi admin how much will i pay to rebook exams for 3 units in sections 1 and 2

    keneddy waweru mainaPosted on  8:19 pm - Jul 16, 2018

    Hae,am keneddy maina. a cpa graduate,interested in doing cifa now. how much am i required to pay for the registration and also for the examination sitting.which units will i be exempted.then can i manage to register and do the cifa examation for november 2018.

    calvincePosted on  9:04 am - Jul 14, 2018

    Hi admin i did sec 1 in 2012 and i want to know all i should pay to kasneb because i have started my studies for dec 2018 sec 2 exams advice

    Cecilia GathoniPosted on  10:08 am - Jun 29, 2018

    Message:Am Cecilia I did CPA sec 3&4 May 2017 n failed sec4 2 units ,how much Shud I pay to sit December exam 2018 those 2 units

    Fredrick ouma otienoPosted on  4:05 pm - Jun 28, 2018

    Hi admin my name is FREDRICK OUMA i sat for CPA SEC 3$4 on may june 2018 and i would like to inquire more from you pertaining , renewal, exam fee please send me full details and guidlines or procedures i want to register for se 5$6 to this e-mail. zedfafa@gmail.com thanks.

    Rachael NjorogePosted on  7:03 am - Jun 27, 2018

    hi admin. I last sitted for my CPA exam part 1 section 1 on may 2016. How much am I supposed to pay as my exam fees so that I can sit for november 2018 exams, part 1 section 2? What are the kasneb account numbers?

    James MuthuaPosted on  6:22 pm - Jun 19, 2018

    Hi, admin I did KATC intermediate and passed in 2010 my registration expired in December 2014,I wish to embark on the course can you please advice me on the way forward.


      AdminPosted on  7:06 pm - Jun 19, 2018

      Hi you will change from ATC to ATD exams. you will start with ATD II. All you need todo is to write a letter request kasneb to effect the change. You will pay renewal arrears of upto 3 yrs. sh.4500 then pay exam fee for ATD 2.

    Ekuwom ReubenPosted on  12:33 pm - Jun 4, 2018

    Am Ekuwom L. Reuben, completed Diploma in Human Resource Management and currently undertaking Higher Diploma in HRM. I would to take CPS Course. Kindly I need directions.
    Thank you.

    Justus Okeiga osorePosted on  3:42 am - Jun 1, 2018

    Message:Hello admin, have registered for November exams n completed the registration yesterday, kindly notify me when am I getting the registration number n student ID card number? Thanks.

    PURITYPosted on  11:31 am - May 30, 2018

    hi admin? am purity looking forward for the first registration new student, what is the requirements, am i suppose to start from ADT cert or dip ? deadline? and fees? please advise thanks

    Sarah MuthoniPosted on  9:26 am - May 25, 2018

    Am sarah i had registered for KATC many years back while I was in Meru, please can anyone confirm for me the renewal fee i should pay

    ChristinePosted on  5:08 pm - May 12, 2018

    Hi..I wish to reinstate my membership no. Nsc 27728..is the fee 6000 as stated and how soon can it be done?

    EmmaPosted on  11:06 pm - May 5, 2018

    Hi Admin, while registering for CPA part 1 online, there was a point where I had to answer whether I’ll be attending tuition classes or not, i said no, will that affect my registration, whether it will be approved or not? Please reply.

    mokaya nehemiahPosted on  4:23 pm - May 1, 2018

    Message:I have a bachelor’s degree in commerce.finance option. which units will I be exempted in CPA

    Josphat WanjohiPosted on  11:05 am - Apr 16, 2018

    I did section five and passed in year 2009. I am considering to finish section six this year. I consulted one of your Huduma guys and informed me to pay renewal arrears of 4,500sh, which I did pay through Equity Bank Kerugoya Branch. I have just read somewhere indicated sh. 6000. Besides, am I supposed to replace my student card? Please advise further. Many Thanks.

    JOHNPosted on  1:20 pm - Mar 26, 2018

    hi admn,
    I have a diploma in microfinance and currently taking bachelors of accountancy and financial management. I scored a c plain in mathematics do I qualify to take CPA

    WilsonPosted on  12:21 pm - Mar 21, 2018

    Hae,Am wison and i wrote a letter to kasneb so that they can send me my certificates through a given addresses.Please assist on what am supposed to do have them.Thanks in advance

    NancyPosted on  10:00 am - Mar 17, 2018

    Hello admin. I paid for my exams fee and renewal through the bank, but I didn’t choose exam. Center, how do I choose , and then how can I created a new student portal accout. ?

    SybilPosted on  4:12 pm - Mar 7, 2018

    Hi admin,I did my CPA section one in may 2016 and failed all of the three.I would like to resit the exams.What should I pay?

    KibettPosted on  4:30 pm - Mar 6, 2018

    Helo Am an acturial science graduate of karatina university and want to enrol to cifa , what are the requirments, am i able to acess exemptions? when is the dateline for registration, does kasneb ofer exemptions to karatina university acturial science? what is the procedure of applyng for this exemptions

    DavidPosted on  6:13 am - Mar 6, 2018

    Hi admin,
    I want to know after not sitting for Kasneb papers for how long is someone required to pay registration reactivation/ reinstatement fees?

    Susan OgumboPosted on  7:12 am - Feb 26, 2018

    Hi admin,my name is Susan Ogumbo I did my Cpa 6 Financial Reporting in Nov 2016 and had a refer when is my last sitting and how much do I need to pay

    PhoebePosted on  8:31 am - Feb 23, 2018

    Am Phoebe,i did my CPA III in Dec 2015 and failed 2 subjects.when is my deadline to resit may 2018 exams and how much should i pay for renewal and exams.

    Alfred KanoruPosted on  6:21 pm - Feb 15, 2018

    Am student proceeding with ATD 1 after failing a single paper on both May & November 2017 exams,hoping to pass May 2018 exams, my question is,after passin ATD 1 will you be issued a certificate or till you finish ATD 3

    francis jumaPosted on  2:54 pm - Feb 15, 2018

    who is inactive cstudent according to kassneb?

    josphat njuePosted on  11:51 am - Feb 14, 2018

    i did my CPA part 3 and was referred in 2 papers.
    when is the deadline for exams booking may 2018. any extension for those who sat for exams December 2017?

    Stella MurithiPosted on  3:17 pm - Feb 9, 2018

    If I’d already done CPA Part 1 before completing my degree can I be exempted from part 3 after graduation? I took BCom Accounting option

    RebeccaPosted on  6:44 am - Jan 29, 2018

    hello admin,Am Rebecca i did my cpa part 3 on dec 2016 and i got a refer of 1 unit when should i lastly sit for the exam.

    FracePosted on  9:16 am - Jan 25, 2018

    Am frace..I did my CPA sec 2 year 2008.ihv paid my renewal fee up to 2015.I would like to take 2018 may exams for sec 3.how much shld I pay .

    Amule ThomasPosted on  1:50 pm - Jan 23, 2018

    I am CPA student Part2 Section 3 . My question is that the fee of Sh 4,400 in section 3 is for whole Section 3 or it is charges per Paper?? Please need your clarification. Thanks your cooperation

    Emily wangui kabuthiaPosted on  8:28 am - Jan 23, 2018

    Hi. i graduated last year 2017 with a Diploma in co-operative management- Credit, and i would like to enroll for my CPA.
    kindly advice on the following:
    – Exemptions requirement
    – How to register
    – Registration requirements
    – The next intake


    Maurine NyathoPosted on  12:03 pm - Jan 22, 2018

    Hae I did my part 2 exam and failed company law and financial management, I seated for it again in Dec 2015 and later on in may 2016 and failed again, am I eligible to sit for Nov 2018 exams?

    ericPosted on  7:21 am - Jan 17, 2018

    Will I be exempted from doing some of the units that I have already done in the university before I complete the 4yrs in the university .Am in 3rd year undertaking business studies.
    I have already done CPA section 1 and when are the DEC exams released

    Athiga Loice AkothPosted on  10:09 pm - Jan 16, 2018

    Message: Hi I am Loice a fourth year student at the university of Nairobi pursuing B.ED(arts),my subjects of specialisation are mathematics and business studies,I would like to register for CPA June exams,kindly advice on the following:
    The section I will start my CPA
    Exemption requirements

    Esther wanjiku kabariaPosted on  5:58 pm - Jan 16, 2018

    Hi admin i did my atc 1 in 2015dec and i passed…how much am i required for atd2

    amosPosted on  9:26 am - Jan 15, 2018

    hello ..i was a cpa student, didnt complete cpa n now want to do cifa ..do i need to register afresh with kasneb?. or do i need to renew my cpa registration then change the course.

    mercy muthianiPosted on  8:40 am - Jan 13, 2018

    hello admin am mercy, have completed diploma in business management am interested in starting cpa can i be exempted from any of the sections.

    Silas BiwottPosted on  12:18 pm - Jan 10, 2018

    Message:I av done supplies chain management am I able to start from CPA One(I)

    Catherine MalusiPosted on  10:54 am - Jan 7, 2018

    Hello Admin,
    Im still pursuing my BBIT now at 4th year 2nd semester.
    Can I still get CPA exemptions with my 1st year – 3rd year transcripts?

    joseph wambuaPosted on  11:18 am - Dec 22, 2017

    I’m a kcse graduate can I make it with a grade D.

    ROSE NASIKE OUMAPosted on  1:29 pm - Dec 13, 2017

    Hi Admin, my name is Rose , i sat for my ATC LEVEL 2 in 2013 passed all the subjects, since then i was niot able to continue with CPA i now want to register as a CPA candidate, which subjects am i exempted and how much do i need to pay for both exams and renewals plus ID.

    BillPosted on  8:43 am - Nov 25, 2017

    What happens if you combine CPA sections 3and 4 and fail one paper in section 3? Can you continue with part 3 units and do the failed paper after completing part 3?

    Peris wangariPosted on  6:49 am - Nov 7, 2017

    AM Peris having done my section 5 in dec 2015 and failed management accounting i want to register for June 2018 exams do i have to resit for the whole section or just the single paper kindly advice.


      AdminPosted on  11:03 am - Nov 9, 2017

      Hello Peris, THis is the last chance you have to register for the failed papers in section 5. after may 2018 you will resit for the whole section since the 5 consequtive sittings given for you to pass the failed papers will be over.

    Irene AwuorPosted on  4:21 am - Oct 24, 2017

    Message: Hi, I’m Irene just about to do exams yet I haven’t received my school identity card and the exam timetable. I need your help. thank you

    Faith NjugunaPosted on  9:27 am - Oct 23, 2017

    Hey Admin,

    Am sitting for CPA SEC 6 this November, I have been considering taking up CCP next year(as its in line with what am currently doing) I did B.COM – Finance option in Kenyatta University, Please advise if there are any exemptions and process of registering for the new course.

    Kevin OwuorPosted on  10:01 am - Oct 14, 2017

    Hi, Admin. it my first time in the class of ATD and of course have been attending classes this semester. I would like to do my first exam by next year may,so my question is ”How much am i going to be charged to qualify me for may exams next year please assist

    Thank you.

      ceciliaPosted on  11:09 am - Oct 19, 2017

      hi, i did my section III and IV in december 2013, i failed 4 papers and now i want resit the same in May. kindly advice


        AdminPosted on  4:24 pm - Oct 19, 2017

        You will take all the 6 papers in section 3 and 4 since the credits you had gained have been withdrawn for failing to retake them within the stipulated time. You will also be required to pay all the renewal arrears and reinstatement fee.

    Mulhat Mohamed AbdallaPosted on  7:43 pm - Oct 13, 2017

    Message:Hi admin, am Mulhat Mohamed i did my CPA section 1 but couldnt do the exams i was held up somehow but i paid for the exams, just want to confirm how much i shuld pay to do both section 1 and 2 for level 1?i want to pay for june exams next year 2018.

    MarkPosted on  5:08 am - Oct 3, 2017

    Hi admin can I still pay for ATD exams today or my time is out?

    Edward KipchumbaPosted on  6:48 am - Sep 26, 2017

    Hi admin
    I am Edward.I paid sh 5000 to register as a kasneb CPA student but haven’t got any information any the way forward. How can I get my kasneb number and how much will I pay to register for the November exams sec 1 and 2.

    enosPosted on  8:20 am - Sep 21, 2017

    i failed 2 papers in section 1 how much do i have pay per paper?

    purityPosted on  8:08 am - Sep 15, 2017

    Hello, I am purity, I sat for my CPA part one by May-June 2016 sitting. when will I receive certificate for part one exam.

    Fridah RiobaPosted on  9:18 am - Sep 11, 2017

    Hello admin,am Fridah Rioba …I hold a bachelors of commerce degree,finance option.As per to your instructions ,exempted units are:All section 1 units,Sec 2 Economics and sec 3 financial management.Am interested in doing CPA exams,can I be exempted from doing public finance and taxation and company law since i did those units in campus please?Can i pay the registration fee and exemptions fee then pay the exam fee later?

    William Mung’athiaPosted on  9:53 am - Sep 8, 2017

    I am William Mung’athia, undergraduate pursuing bachelor of commerce, which certificate is best between CPA,CFA

    Abigael RighaPosted on  7:16 am - Sep 6, 2017

    hello, am Abigael Righa a CPA student in section 2. Failed to pay my exam fee on time can I still go ahead and pay and sit for the Nov/Dec exam?any penalities ? Or how do I go about it

    annPosted on  12:11 pm - Sep 4, 2017

    hello..am ann ..av done degree in agribusiness management…what stage should i start?

    marsherPosted on  12:28 pm - Sep 3, 2017

    Message:Hello , am a student pursuing B.sc Agricultural economics and resource management. Am interested with professional courses, am challenged between CPA and CIFA which one is better for me. And now that it is After 31st august, can I not be able to register? Thanks.

    wanjikuPosted on  1:31 pm - Aug 31, 2017

    hello, if someone has done law, can they be exempted from doing some of the units in CPS?

    MargaretPosted on  8:48 am - Aug 31, 2017

    Hello admin,am Margaret a graduate with a bachelor’s degree chemistry option and am interested in pursuing CPA and am wondering where to start …your assistance will be appreciated

    cliffePosted on  8:37 pm - Aug 30, 2017

    halloh I sat for my section 1 papers in 2013 November how much should I pay so as to continue with my section 2 this year?


      AdminPosted on  5:13 pm - Aug 31, 2017

      You need to pay all the registration renewal arrears, reinstatement fee since you have stayed for more than 3 years without paying renewals and then pay exam fee

    RobPosted on  3:21 pm - Aug 29, 2017

    Message:hi adm.,did ATC level 1 in 2008 and managed to pass but since then have never booked any exam due to financial problem,again have done diploma in banking & finance,do i qualify for any exemptions,kindly advice.

    jossyPosted on  12:44 pm - Aug 22, 2017

    hello admin, last year i did sec 3 and 4 then i paused due to some reasons
    This year I’ve not registered for any exam, i delayed paying annual reg fee
    how much should i pay now…..that is, late payment

    AlfredPosted on  7:30 am - Aug 22, 2017

    Hi ..I want to register for November exam in CIFA.I am a CPA-K. Kindly may I know how much am required to pay for the exemptions and the single paper in part one. Tabulate please .Thank you.

    ClarePosted on  7:23 am - Aug 20, 2017

    I wanted to register for CPA 1 on Monday 21st August .Would the registration fee be the 5000 or there shall be a penalty for late registration

    Barrycatis OduoriPosted on  5:41 pm - Aug 18, 2017

    Message:I am a editor student willing totake CPA examinations what are the charges and exemption, plz.

    peninahPosted on  2:19 pm - Aug 17, 2017

    Message: Hallo admin, I sat for my section 2 exams last year Nov 2016. i failed 1 in section 3 and 2 in sec 4. i want to resit the three… What’s the deadline for exam registration for Nov 2017?

    festus makauPosted on  9:35 am - Aug 16, 2017

    :hello am festus I want to register ATD ..can I register then I read on my own then I can sit for exams in July exam next year. can I also combine ATD1&2 at the same time


      AdminPosted on  7:54 pm - Aug 16, 2017

      Hello you can register and do exams without attending classes. You cannot combine ATD 1&2/ you must first complete ATD level 1 for you to proceed to ATD level 2

    AnnetPosted on  7:05 am - Aug 16, 2017

    Message:hi adm.does late exam registration payment still exist ? can I pay tomorrow online please ?

    jacklyne chepkoechPosted on  6:08 am - Aug 16, 2017

    helllo Admin,i am Jacklyne .i failed 3papers in my section 5 and 6.should i pay 9900 plus an exam 4500 because of late registration or i should just pay 6600 plus 3300.help.Should the renewal fee be paid also plus 50% late registartion?


      AdminPosted on  7:51 pm - Aug 16, 2017

      Hello Deadline for exam payment has been extended to 31 August. Each paper in section 5 is sh.3,300 two papers in sec 5 is sh.6600 and in case you fail all the 3 papers in that section you pay 6600 just like in the case of 2 papers. If the third paper that you failed is in section 6 then you pay for it sh.3300.

    ABDULRAHMAN BWANAALIPosted on  8:18 am - Aug 15, 2017

    I last sat for sec 2 exam in 2012.Kindly advice me how much I have to pay to be updated if I want to sit for May 2018.

    ABDULRAHMAN BWANAALIPosted on  6:56 am - Aug 15, 2017

    I last did sec 1 CPA in 2012 got a referral in FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING.Never got the chance to resit the paper.Now that there is change in the syllabus,kindly advice whether:-
    1.Am I compelled to resit for the whole section or not???????
    2.how much do I have to pay if I want to resit for exam on May,2018.


      AdminPosted on  7:44 pm - Aug 16, 2017

      Hello, You will take all the subjects in CPA section 1 since the time limit gives to pass the failed subject elapsed and that led to withdrawal of the credits you had acquired. Then you will pay all the renewal arrears and also reinstatement fee since you have stayed for more than 3yrs without paying for renewals which lead your details to be removed from the register of active students.

    ennyPosted on  4:33 am - Aug 15, 2017

    Hi i did sec 2 and failled all of them,how much am i supposed to pay for december resit,also i didnt renew since1st july 2016 till date

    GideonPosted on  1:14 pm - Aug 14, 2017

    I failed all sec 5 exams and i want to resit it on nov 2017, am i supposed to pay 3300*3 or 6600 at once? please advise

    sammyPosted on  6:57 am - Aug 14, 2017

    Hi,am xam. I did my ATD 1 exams but I failed 2/4. So how much should I pay in order to resit for the 2 papers?

    Benson mwanziaPosted on  5:56 pm - Aug 4, 2017

    I’m Benson mwanzia Sammy.I have done diploma in business administration at Kenya poly and BBM at My Kenya university where I’m sitting for the final exams this month.which section can I start and how much can I pay.I have never registered for kasneb.

    Purity MoraaPosted on  8:07 pm - Aug 2, 2017

    Message:If a person fails a whole section in cpa, are you supposed to pay per paper or the normal fee?

    Samuel OkanoPosted on  3:52 pm - Aug 2, 2017

    Hi, am Samuel having C+ with B- in English and D+ in maths, is it possible for me to do ATD??

    Sarah Delvin OchiengPosted on  9:39 am - Jul 31, 2017

    Am Sara, after how long do we need to renew kasneb identity cards, rather on what conditions?


      AdminPosted on  7:34 pm - Jul 31, 2017

      KASNEB studentship Renewal is done is done every 1st July. The first renewal beings after your first eligible examination entry sitting.For example, if you register on may your first eligible examination entry will be on November the same year. you will pay your first renewal the following year in July.

    DanPosted on  8:12 am - Jul 31, 2017

    Message:hi admin how much will i be required to pay for retakes in section 3 and 4 per paper?

    vivian imaliPosted on  8:11 am - Jul 28, 2017

    hi admin i registered as a kasneb student for november exams but have not got any information whether am a member or not

    JOHN OYOO OMOLOPosted on  7:48 am - Jul 25, 2017

    hi want to be added to kasneb whatsapp group my no is 0718969947 please am a kasneb student

    GathoniPosted on  9:01 pm - Jul 23, 2017

    Hi, I registered for CPA in 2000 did sec 1 failed one paper but never sat for any again..I now want to register for Cps..I am an advocate and have a higher diploma in HR too. Kindly guide me on requirements and exemptions possible.

    fionahPosted on  6:49 pm - Jul 22, 2017

    hello adm.. am fiona and have done diploma in business management interested in pursuing CPA where will I start please and are there any exceptions?

    vincent muleraPosted on  12:58 pm - Jul 19, 2017

    kindly tell me the way forward coz i never sat for my may exams due to sudden illness one week to the may 2017 exams..to get the same amount to pay again is an uphill task coz i struggle to get fees ..my kasneb no is NAC251412..can they forward the amount to nov/dec this yr …pliz advice

    vincent muleraPosted on  8:32 am - Jul 19, 2017

    AM VINCENT ..NAC251412 registered for June exams but unfortunately become unwell one week to the exams ..recovered few days ago ..asking whether that money can be pushed to nov/dec exams this year ..i struggle for my fees pliz help

    GloriaPosted on  8:06 am - Jul 18, 2017

    Message: Hi..am Gloria having mean grade of D+..with C+ in English and D plain maths, interested in taking CPA..where should I start

    ChepkoechPosted on  7:40 am - Jul 18, 2017

    I am a Bachelors degree in Economics Holder.. What are the exceptions in the CPA exams please?

    MathewPosted on  3:43 pm - Jul 15, 2017


    I registered for my CPA last year but I have not paid the annual renewal fees on July 1. Is there any penalty that I will pay and if yes how much?

    tabitha mwangiPosted on  6:02 am - Jul 14, 2017

    How much do i suppose to pay to kasneb for renewal from 2013 up to date?and then section 1 part 1 will it b excempeted?is there any fee for excempition.

    GILBERT TARUSPosted on  9:28 pm - Jul 13, 2017

    Message:hi.my name is Gilbert.I am joining university to persue bsc. applied statistics with computing.i want to take with it a CPA.what can i do admn

    Tabitha mwangiPosted on  11:18 am - Jul 13, 2017

    hello, i did my ATC11 2013 and i pass all subject,what should i need to do, to continue with kasneb CPA section 11


      AdminPosted on  7:08 pm - Jul 13, 2017

      Visit kasneb to register as a CPA student since you were through with ATC. You also qualify for the following exemptions,
      Accounting Technicians Certificate (ATC)
      Exemptions in CPA
      Financial Accounting
      Commercial Law
      Entrepreneurship and Communication

    chongin billyPosted on  3:41 pm - Jul 12, 2017

    Message:hi,am interested in CPA.Is it a must to start from section one? …Then also,is it a must that you be in an instution in learning or you can just be given Cpa sylabus to learn on your own then just wait for exams?


      AdminPosted on  4:44 pm - Jul 12, 2017

      If your Entry qualification is Highschool grade then you must strategy from section one but inxase you have a Diploma or a degree you can apply for exemptions. You don’t have to attend classes you can read on your own and pass CPA, all you need is well revised and comprehensive CPA notes

    EnochPosted on  1:21 pm - Jul 12, 2017

    I registered as a student March this year,do I have to renew my registration? ie on 1st July? I want to sit for December examination.

    winnyPosted on  9:17 am - Jul 12, 2017

    Message:hello admin. i sat for exams on may this year. and i paid renewal fee am i suppose to renew again or just to pay for examination fee only

    JoanPosted on  4:32 pm - Jul 11, 2017

    Hi, am currently done with CPA part 2 ,can I apply for CIFA exams and get exemption without having completed the whole part of CPA and if yes which are they?

    BONFACE NJOROGE KIARIEPosted on  5:11 am - Jul 8, 2017

    hello, l did my KCSE in 2014 and scored C(PLAIN) but my certificate is still in school due to unpaid school fees balance .l wanted to register for november exams of DICT this year 2017.what can l do?

    Vivian viviPosted on  9:07 am - Jul 7, 2017

    Hi, Kindly when is the deadline for paying the renewal fee.

    MaxwellPosted on  1:14 pm - Jul 6, 2017

    When is the deadline for paying examination fee for ATD 1 2017 Nov/Dec exam

    RUTH J KIMOSOPPosted on  6:30 am - Jul 6, 2017

    hae……am a student whom enrolled to DCM registration number 126 , i had paid the exams fees and i failed to sit for the exams during that period………i want to sit for the exams in December this year how much should i pay for me to be able to sit for level 1 exams??????

    SUSAN MWANGIPosted on  9:47 am - Jul 5, 2017

    HI, Am Susan, kindly inform me on payment deadline for the Nov/Dec 2017 exams.

    Dani NdegwaPosted on  9:07 am - Jul 5, 2017

    I have done Advanced MA 3 times and i have failed. will i be required to sit the whole section 5?

    WaitaPosted on  4:22 pm - Jul 4, 2017

    Hi have done KATC final ni 2006 have never received my certificate bt have received for CPA part 1 how can I get my KATC certificate?

    sylviaPosted on  3:43 pm - Jul 4, 2017

    Message:hello admin i registered as a kasneb student last year november i did not register for may exam but i want to register for the november, december exam how much am i supposed to pay and when is the deadline ?

    Violet WanjiruPosted on  2:04 pm - Jul 4, 2017

    What is the maximum amount of times that a person can resit a single paper before redoing the entire section?

    EvaPosted on  5:04 pm - Jul 3, 2017

    Hi,i’m Eva.I registered for the may 2017,cpa part 1 exams but never sat for the exams.I wanted to know whether there is any refund of money for exams not sat for.I also would love to know whether application for nov/dec exams is still on course

    mollyPosted on  2:50 pm - Jul 3, 2017

    hi , i graduated in 2015 with a first class in b com accounting option, i wish to do CPA, kindly advice me on exemptions i can get

    AbdulazeezPosted on  1:58 pm - Jul 3, 2017

    Hi admin. I did a diploma in Banking and Finance with Credit I, do i stand a chance for any exemptions?
    I’m intending to register for CPA for the 1st time.

    GracePosted on  2:29 pm - Jul 2, 2017

    Message:when is the dead line for the DEC 2017 exam …I did the June sitting and failed one paper in sec 6 …what my fate??

    nthamburi philipPosted on  7:36 am - Jul 2, 2017

    hi,am a graduate in BA(Economics)n would lyk to enroll to CPA.wat r my exceptions n total expected fee for CPA part 1 exceptions included?

    Antony KipkemeiPosted on  9:53 am - Jul 1, 2017

    How much is a CIFA paper which you failed?
    When is the deadline for paying this fees and other papers you wish to do since you are a member

    Maureen IsabwaPosted on  6:36 pm - Jun 28, 2017

    Hi, am Maureen, I did my atd level 1 this may and failed 3 papers. Am kindly asking what to do to re- sit the papers, or can I combine both atd2 and the failed papers?

    SwalehPosted on  5:03 am - Jun 28, 2017

    How much will I pay for the next examination if I failed the whole level of ATD? Will I pay interms of a single paper or will I pay the whole amount of entry to exam of the level?

    vincentPosted on  5:34 am - Jun 26, 2017

    hi am vincent ,i registered as a kasneb cpa on 10/04/2015 registration no. NAC/259872 from then i have not booked any exam ,i did degree in business information technology and when i visited kasneb i was told i ll b exempted on cpa part 1 in some units (financial accounting,introduction to law ,enteprenuership and economics,) and am supposed to book exams for management accounting and taxation my question is since i didnt book exams on may how much should i pay in total to book that exams and i have not renew my membership how much in total to pay ?i ll appreciate if assisted


      AdminPosted on  11:28 am - Jun 26, 2017

      Pay renewal arrears for 1st July 2015 sh.1500 (under previous provision which was supposed to be payed 1st july immediately after registration), then 1st 2016 sh.1500, then exam fee for the two papers Management accounting and Public finnce and taxation. sh 2700 plus renewal for 1st July 2017 sh. 1500. and finaly exemption fee for evey paper exempted. Note: Any paper in section 3 and 4 exempted should also be paid for along with other papers in part 1

    Andrew MnaroPosted on  9:19 am - Jun 23, 2017

    Message: Hallo Admin, Am Andrew Mnaro. Am A Degree Holder Of Actuarial Science And Wish To Enroll For CPA. I Did Enterpreneureship,communication And Economics During The Course. Can I Be Excepted From The Three? If Yes, How Do I Go About It?
    When Is The Normal Regestration Starting Again? Thank You


      AdminPosted on  5:45 am - Jun 24, 2017

      Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial Science) Exemptions on KASNEB courses

      Exemptions in Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

      Section 1:
      Financial Accounting
      Commercial Law
      Entrepreneurship and Communication

      Section 2:

      Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science) – JKUAT Exemptions on KASNEB courses
      Exemptions in Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

      Section 1:
      Financial Accounting
      Entrepreneurship and Communication

      Section 2:

      Section 4:
      Quantitative Analysis

    mutaiPosted on  11:31 am - Jun 15, 2017

    hi admin kindly reply pliz my previous question

    mutaiPosted on  5:48 am - Jun 14, 2017

    hi admin i want to book november/december exams cpa am i late for exams bookings normal entry? and how much does it cost?
    kindly reply me soonest


      AdminPosted on  1:22 pm - Jun 18, 2017

      Normal registration ended on May 31st. However you can register now with a penal fee. total registration fee including penalty fee is sh.7250. you have till August 15th to register

    Damaris IsigiPosted on  8:54 am - Jun 13, 2017

    Hi. Am I registered for exams but never attempted due to job activities. I would like to sit for the exams in december 2017. How much am I to pay?


      AdminPosted on  1:22 pm - Jun 18, 2017

      Your fee will depend on when you registered. There is a reneal fee paid every !st July of sh.1500. pay all renewal arrears then pay for your exams before August 15th

    IrenePosted on  2:48 am - Jun 13, 2017

    Message Hi admn,,, I registered for ATD on May this year and not yet received student identity card. How can I get it? plz hlp.

    Gladys chepkemoiPosted on  5:11 pm - Jun 9, 2017

    hi am a bcom accounts options graduate and I did sec 1 CPA and failed entrepreneurship can I get exemptions ?? if yes which ones? and how long does it take to process ?


      AdminPosted on  3:47 pm - Jun 11, 2017

      Hello Gladays a Bachalor of commerce graduate gets exemptions oth the following papers.
      Exemptions in Certified Public Accountant – CPA

      Section 1:

      Financial Accounting
      Commercial Law
      Entrepreneurship and Communication

      Section 2:

      Management Accounting

      Section 3:

      Financial Management

      (i) Exemptions in the Public Finance and Taxation paper will only be considered if an applicant has covered an equivalent paper or a paper with a bias in taxation practice.
      (ii) Graduates with a minor in Information Technology, as indicated on the degree certificate, will also be exempted in the Management Information Systems paper
      But since you had attempted and failed in entrepreneurship that paper cannot be exempted, you must redo it and pass.

    NaomiPosted on  9:05 am - Jun 9, 2017

    am naomi did my kcse last year.i scored c minus am i qualified to take business management?

    IrenePosted on  9:50 am - Jun 7, 2017

    Message:Hi Admin,,, I registered for ATD May this year. How can I get my school identity card? reply plz

    IrenePosted on  4:55 am - Jun 7, 2017

    Message:I applied for ATD this year May, how can I get student identity card?

    Fredrick ouma otienoPosted on  7:37 am - Jun 2, 2017

    Hello admin how much is to be paid for exemptions from ATD3 to CPA3.

    Kelvin NyakiPosted on  7:15 am - Jun 2, 2017

    Hi. am Kelvin a holder of bachelor’s degree in human resources management and interested in pursuing CPS. Which units will I be exempted?

    PolPosted on  10:53 am - May 29, 2017

    I stop renewa on 2012,hw much shud i pay this year?any exemption undergraduate accounts?

    josphat muliPosted on  6:55 pm - May 28, 2017

    hey admin, when is the deadline for registering september exams

    EunicePosted on  9:41 am - May 23, 2017

    hi, my name is Eunice. I did my ATC Level 1 on May 2015 and passed but i could not proceed to level 2 due to health problems. I would like to know if it is possible to register for ATD 2 in November this year and what are the charges. Thank you.


      AdminPosted on  1:29 pm - May 23, 2017

      Hello Eunice, you can register for ATD level 2 exams. You will write a letter requesting for change from ATC to ATD. You only need to pay renewal Year 2015/2016, 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 then pay for November exams. Do this before August 15th

    Anne WaweruPosted on  2:49 pm - May 22, 2017

    Hi Admin,
    I am currently doing a diploma in banking and finance which I will be doing my finals this November. I would like to know, which level will I register for the accounting department for next year registration? Will I be required to sit ATD/CPA? Thank you!

    YAKUM CEDRIC TANTENG MINGOPosted on  1:08 pm - May 22, 2017

    Dear Administrator,
    I write in request to know the following;
    1, How much cost i will have to incur if I should seat for the next upcoming KASNEB exams in Part two CPA , I last sat for the December 2014 session
    2, How many CFA courses can i seat in for to also qualify as a CFA after completing CPA and which courese are these at their various levels?

    monica karisaPosted on  11:01 pm - May 20, 2017

    hi admin..I had a mean grade of c plus with a c plus in English and kiswahili and a D in mathematics..did my atc 1 and passed then the new syllabus came en I did atd 11 and I failled 2 papers am finding it difficult to continue..can i be accepted to register for cpa if bridge the mathematics..plz repl

      BrianPosted on  9:13 am - May 22, 2017

      Hi, how much does it cost to cancel my registration to CPA and register for CS


        AdminPosted on  9:58 am - May 22, 2017

        Change of registration from one qualification to another for new students

        Students who have applied and registered for a particular KASNEB qualification and who thereafter wish to change to another KASNEB qualification shall be allowed to do so without paying the applicable student registration fees provided that the following conditions are fulfilled:

        The application for the change is made before the date of the late examination entry for the sitting immediately following the date of registration. Such an application must state the reasons for the change and include a request for cancellation of the previous registration.
        An administrative charge equivalent to 15% of the registration fees earlier paid shall be levied at the time of application.
        Examination fees paid for the previous qualification shall be transferable to the new qualification, provided that all other rules relating to examination fees shall apply.
        An application for change of registration under the above conditions shall only be allowed once for each student.

        Change of registration from one qualification to another for new students

    Benard kipkemoi NgetichPosted on  5:54 pm - May 18, 2017

    Message:i,m kindly inquiring the exemptions I applied in CPA sec I.my REG NO is287193.may you respond as soon as possible so that I can prepare for the Nov /Dec exams

    ninahPosted on  1:38 pm - May 18, 2017

    Message:hello. I did my CICT level 1 part one exam in 2012 and I would now like to continue and finish till level 6. can I still continue and how much would I have to pay to renew registration.
    And between DICT and CICT which is the more marketable course?

    davidPosted on  9:03 am - May 16, 2017

    Halo admin.i sat for cpa part one on june 2013. I failed two papers.out of six. I would like to sit for exams this december 2017.How do i go about payment?


      AdminPosted on  10:01 am - May 16, 2017

      Hello, now we have a new syllabus.
      CPA PART I

      SECTION 1

      Financial Accounting
      Commercial Law
      Entrepreneurship and Communication

      SECTION 2

      Management Accounting
      Public Finance and Taxation

      You will do the papers you failed and in other paper that was introduced.THE ONLY NEW PAPER IS PUBLIC FINANCE AND TAXATION. thore other papers are the same. Auditing was moved to section 4. ignore it as you will do it in section 4.

      about the fees to be paid. all renewal arrears, if you did your exams on december 2013 you will not pay reinstatement fee but if it was on may then you will pay reinstatement fee.

      The sylabus that you did was as below

      1. Introduction.
      2. Double entry book keeping.
      3. Final accounts for a sole trader.
      4. Adjustments.
      5. Accounting for assets and liabilities.
      6. Partnerships.
      7. Company accounts.
      8. Financial statement analysis.
      9. Non profit making organisations.
      10. Manufacturing accounts.
      11. Public sector accounting.
      12. Computerized accounting.
      1. Nature, purpose and classification of law.
      2. Sources of law.
      3. Administrative law.
      4. The court system.
      5. Law of persons.
      6. Law of tort.
      7. Law of contract.
      8. Sale of goods.
      9. Agency.
      10. Hire purchase.
      11. Insurance.
      12. Negotiable instruments.
      13. The law of property.
      1. Entrepreneurship and self employment.
      2. Entrepreneurial opportunities.
      3. Enterprise development.
      4. Entrepreneurial awareness and motivation.
      5. Business plan development.
      6. Current issues in enterpreneurship.
      7. Emerging trends in enterpreneurship.
      8. Essential communication skills.
      9. Business communication.
      10. Technology and communication.
      11. Ethics in communication.
      12. Emerging trends in communication.


      1. Introduction to economics.
      2. Demand, supply and determination of equilibrium.
      3. Elasticity of demand and supply.
      4. The theory of consumer behaviour.
      5. The theory of a firm.
      6. The theory of costs.
      7. Market structures.
      8. National income.
      9. Money and banking.
      10. The banking system.
      11. Inflation.
      12. Labor and unemplyment.
      13. Public finance.
      14. International trade and finance.
      15. Agriculture and industry.
      16. Economic growth. Economic development and economic planning.
      1. Nature and purpose of cost accounting.
      2. Cost classification and estimation.
      3. Cost accumulation.
      4. Cost book keeping methods.
      5. Marginal and absorption costing.
      6. Budgeting and budgetary controll.
      7. Standard costing.
      8. Cost management.
      1. Nature, purpose and scope of the audit.
      2. Legal and professional framework.
      3. Client acceptance procedures.
      4. Conduct of an audit.
      5. Audit evidence.
      6. Audit review.
      7. Auditor’s use of the computer.
      8. Auditors’ report.

    Vincent Otuoma OumaPosted on  9:18 am - May 15, 2017

    am a form four with an aggregate grade of B- of 59 points. I would like to do CPA as career

    ReinhardPosted on  4:20 pm - May 9, 2017

    Hi I did ATC 1, how do I enrol for ATD2 and what are the requirements?

    AkothPosted on  4:37 pm - May 8, 2017

    hi. i sat for my cpa section 2 exams in dec 2011.i want to sit for section 3 come december.what do i do?


      AdminPosted on  5:42 am - May 9, 2017

      Hello, For you to sit for CPA section 3. You will need to pay all renewal arrears and registration reinstatement fee. Then you can pay for your November exams

        JANE KARIMIPosted on  8:22 am - Oct 11, 2017

        Message: hae admin…i paid for CPA sec 3 june 2015 sitting bt due to unavoidable circumstances i ws only able to sit for co.law paper the rest i ws absent. i now want to go bak n resit for them on june 2018 sitting.. wl i repay for the two papers(Fm na Fr) and hw many renewal wl i pay?…and finnaly wats this registration reinstatement am hearing abt?


          AdminPosted on  6:27 pm - Oct 11, 2017

          you can sit for may 2018 exams by paying reinstatement arrears for renewals year 2015/2016, 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. you will not be paying reinstatement fee since arrears are not more than 3 years. you will resit for the whole section since the credit that you had passed will be withdrawn after 5 consecutive sitting which will be after this november sitting

    Mia NasenyanaPosted on  4:38 pm - May 7, 2017

    I did Business Management both certificate and diploma…i would like to dregister for CPA .i had a C-.whats the way forward and which level would i start from…am currently an Accounts Assistant.

    Irene AwuorPosted on  12:54 pm - May 2, 2017

    Message: Hi! I had c- and Interested to do ATD, when is the appropriate time for registration suppose I want to do exams this Nov/Dec? plz reply

    SarahPosted on  6:20 am - Apr 28, 2017

    hi, when is the deadline to register for Nov/Dec examinations 2017

    WaweruPosted on  12:47 pm - Apr 21, 2017

    Hi, Am a student who did and completed ATC 1 & 2 and CPA part 1.Am interested in doing ATD.
    Will i get exemptions in this case.

    Godfrey M MuriithiPosted on  6:12 am - Apr 20, 2017

    Hi, am Godfrey M. Muriithi NAC 120290. I did CPA part 1 in the year 2006 , i would like to continue so i just want to know how much i am supposed to pay to sit for December exams.I had never paid renewal fee from 2007 .I want to register for CPA section 3 .Please reply

    josphatPosted on  4:20 pm - Apr 19, 2017

    Hi admin, am a Bcom graduate Finance option. in the year 2013 I did my CPA level 1 and in failed law only.sine then have not paid anything including my renewal fees.Current have deceided that i want to CIFA,kindly advice me on the following:

    Kevin OtienoPosted on  5:58 am - Apr 12, 2017

    Am Kevin Otieno, what CPA level do I begin with if I register for November/December exams. It’s my first time

    jamesPosted on  8:30 pm - Apr 11, 2017

    Message:hi admin am James former ATC student …I want to enroll for ATD shall I pay for the registration n reactivation plus renewal for the years n the students card fee…last sitting was July 2011

    James atsaliPosted on  3:48 pm - Apr 10, 2017

    How much is re-installation fee?

    James atsaliPosted on  3:46 pm - Apr 10, 2017

    If my students id has expired what do I do?

    James atsaliPosted on  3:43 pm - Apr 10, 2017

    What is registration reactivation fee?

    Kochwa vincent matendecherePosted on  9:27 am - Apr 8, 2017

    Hi am vincent kochwa, i did a diploma in business management and l want to do CPA so what are the requirements?

    James atsaliPosted on  6:51 pm - Apr 7, 2017

    I registered with kasneb and I have not paid renewal fee for three years and my I’d has expired what do I do


      AdminPosted on  7:08 pm - Apr 7, 2017

      Pay your renewals before 1st July to avoid being removed from registered which will require you to pay re-instatement fee in case you will need to continue with kasneb exams.

    Maggie NjengaPosted on  8:57 am - Apr 4, 2017

    hi, am taking ATD what is the total amount will i be exempted

    WYCLIFFE OTISOPosted on  8:48 am - Apr 4, 2017

    Hey i have a mean grade of c- and i want to do accounts where do i start from please.

    Anthony MuasyaPosted on  11:54 am - Mar 27, 2017

    Hi. I graduated last year 2016 with a Bachelor of Commerce, Banking and Finance – First Class Honors and I would like to enroll for my CPA. Kindly advice me on the following:
    – The section in which I will start my CPA
    – Exemptions requirements
    – Registration requirements
    – The next intake



      AdminPosted on  7:20 pm - Mar 27, 2017

      these are the exemptions for Bachelor of commerce Finance option.
      Section 1:
      Financial Accounting
      Commercial Law
      Entrepreneurship and Communication
      Section 2:

      Section 3:
      Financial Management
      (i) Exemptions in the Management Accounting paper will only be considered if an applicant has covered an equivalent paper
      (ii) Exemptions in the Public Finance and Taxation paper will only be considered if an applicant has covered an equivalent paper or a paper with a bias in taxation practice.

    Damian Mutio King’araPosted on  3:28 pm - Mar 21, 2017

    Message: hello my problem is that when I visited my kasneb account unfortunately I didn’t find the fee I paid for the paper I failed.

    JoycePosted on  12:20 pm - Mar 19, 2017

    Hi I did section four exam in DEC 2015 and would like to do five in DEC 2017 but I didn’t pay annual renewal fee in 2016 howvmuch will I have to pay

    mark salimPosted on  8:03 am - Mar 13, 2017

    Message:Hi admin I am a graduate of BBA in accounting and currently pursuing CIFA.. I want to start a Bachelor’s degree in community development because that was my passion. Advice me if its a good combination

    KiplangatPosted on  6:59 pm - Mar 12, 2017

    hi admin, I was exempted sec 1 &2. is it possible yo resit those Sections having completed level 6?

    erick bettPosted on  3:23 pm - Mar 8, 2017

    Am Bett, a student at karatina university pursuing bachelor of science with edication(maths and physics).i did not take bussiness studies at O level education am interested in doina CPA .pls advice me on how to go about this………

    wangazolePosted on  8:59 pm - Mar 2, 2017

    Message:Mr admin i am Kasneb student in mandera doing ADT level 1 I hv got a problem in students portal can’t login in when I used my iPhone wat was da problem ? or apart from computer can’t used up…..

    wangazolePosted on  8:58 pm - Mar 2, 2017

    Message:Mr admin am kasneb student in mandera doing ADT level 1 I hv get problem in students portal can’t login in when I used my iPhone wat was da problem ? or apart from computer can’t used up…..

    mariaPosted on  8:55 am - Feb 25, 2017

    hi… I am happy since the late registration has been extended would love to ask I took certificate in accountancy(knec) but had two refer is it possible i register with kasneb ATD I while resitting for those papers?

    Anne kasauPosted on  12:26 pm - Feb 20, 2017

    Hello when is the deadline for CPA fees payment for may examination

    Evans MukandiniPosted on  7:21 am - Feb 20, 2017

    Message:hae admin? l did my KCSE in 2014 and scored B- but my certificate is still in school due to unpaid school fees balance .l wanted to register for november exams of ATD this year 2017.what can l do?

    Dominic mulatyaPosted on  8:12 pm - Feb 16, 2017

    am taking bachelor of Education in Maths and business. what are my exeptions? knowing we share so many units with Bcom students and accountants
    how much am I supposed to pay in full for the total levels of CPA? withought any fail.
    is it possible to register all units of part one at the same time ( level 1 and 2 )?
    what happens when university exams coincides with KASNEB exams?
    would like to start with November exam
    please help

    Dominic mulatyaPosted on  8:04 pm - Feb 16, 2017

    Am Dominic taking my studies at south Eastern Kenya university bercholor or education business and maths what are my exeptions?
    and what’s the total amount am supposed to pay for CPA because I would like to start CPA exam on Nov ?
    and what happens when KASNEB exams coincides with UNIVERSITIES EXAMS?

    ngenoPosted on  10:46 am - Feb 15, 2017

    Message:am Ngeno…..i did my ATC II 2015 may and i didnt pass all the papers……..what should i need to do since level III was introduced recently,

    Nyairo FrancisPosted on  12:42 pm - Feb 14, 2017

    Message: Am Nyairo ATD student interested to know please. I got an overall pass in ATD I in my November 2016 exams. Do I need to register again in order to take ATD II?

    Damian Mutio King’araPosted on  8:51 am - Feb 13, 2017

    Message: is it a must I pay for renewal fee and am just referring for one paper that I failed

    Jakim OdinyaPosted on  11:26 am - Feb 7, 2017

    Message:Hae,I would to take the CPA certificates, around Mombasa.Are there any classes offered or it’s only online studying then availing for the exams?


    adminPosted on  3:58 pm - Feb 1, 2017

    CPA finalist Exemptions in CCP
    1.Commercial Law
    2.Entrepreneurship and Communication
    4.Principles of Accounting
    5.Public Finance and Taxation
    6.Company Law
    7.Financial Management
    8.Management Information Systems
    9.Quantitative Analysis
    10.Strategy, Governance and Ethics

    David mathaiPosted on  8:00 pm - Jan 27, 2017

    am Mathai David two months now since I registered with kasneb but haven’t received my ID card would lyk to know more

    Nancy AwuorPosted on  8:04 pm - Jan 26, 2017

    Hi, am a student of CPA , my question is , that reactivation fee is it charged every year , like I joined last semester , did my exams Nov/ DEC , should I pay that reactivation fee???


      adminPosted on  8:21 pm - Jan 26, 2017

      Reactivation fee – is a fee paid to reactivate registration numbers which had been suspended. suspension occurs when a student registers for examinations but do not book for any examination within three years from the date of registration.
      In your case you will be paying Annual renewal fee of sh.1500 which is paid every year on 1st July. for now you will not need to pay for it as it will be due on 1st July

    Kaugi BeatricePosted on  2:37 pm - Jan 22, 2017

    hello, i paid for registration but have not been allocated reg. number, have done Bachelor of Commerce finance option and would like to pay for excemptions. kindly let me know how far with my registration so that i can pay for the remaining papers. id no27896875

    Margaret MwangiPosted on  4:26 am - Jan 19, 2017

    Message:it disturbs me. I open online student page. surprising May 2017 Exam timetable is there yet Nov.2016, again I hv not pay for the entry for the may 2017 Exam. my question is if the time table is available before the previous results are Out, can I trust the results the time they shall be released.????


      adminPosted on  2:56 pm - Jan 22, 2017

      Results will be released on time. 60 days from when the last exam was done. Results CPA and other professional examination results will be ready from 24th January. Examination entry deadline will also be extended to give you more time to make a decision whether to proceed or not.

    Margaret MwangiPosted on  4:16 am - Jan 19, 2017

    Message: Good morning. am surprised and worried that professional Nov. 2016 exam results are not yet out. and I opened my account online and found a My timetable for May Exam.2017 yet previous results are not Yet.. What does that mean???

    Violet KelahPosted on  1:05 pm - Jan 18, 2017

    l am Violet Kellah having[ c] plain interested in cpa fee structure &others plz


      adminPosted on  6:30 pm - Jan 18, 2017

      You qualify to take Accounting Technician Diploma – ATD. it has three levels, On completing ATD level III you will proceed to CPA section 3. The fee structure we have provided above applies to KASNEB as the examining body. For tuition fee charged by training colleges contact your preferred college of choice for their fee structure

    RebeccahPosted on  11:40 am - Jan 17, 2017

    When will nov 2016 results be realised CPA:

    Noah OkiruPosted on  4:12 pm - Jan 11, 2017

    Am Noah Okiru having a c minus (c-) interested in taking Diploma in IT,
    Fee structure ,duration plz

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