Which Is Better, ACCA or CPA(K)?

Which Is Better, ACCA Or CPA(K)?

I was asked this question recently and I didn’t have an answer. Is ACCA superior to CPA(Kenya)? Is it easier to pass ACCA than CPA? Who is a better accountant in Kenya, ACCA certified or CPA certified?

I did some background checks and this is what I come up with in terms of the pro’s and cons of undertaking either course.

ACCA is based in the United Kingdom. It operates as a single entity with much simpler application process.

Although it is a statutory accounting body in the UK, international candidates generally consider the certification as a global brand.

The entry level is much lower – you are qualified as long as you have good passes in Math and English. In other words, most high school students in Kenya can qualify. If you have a bachelor degree in relevant subjects, you can apply for exemption on part or all of the papers at the Fundamental Level.

Unlike the CPA, once candidates are registered, ACCA takes an active role in preparing you for the exam by providing study guides, paper exam papers. They also run a database of ACCA Approved Learning Partners.

There’s a general assumption that since Kenyan ACCA students do not learn the Kenyan taxation system they are inferior to their CPA counterparts.

In my opinion, none of these certification stands better than the other, they both say you are an accountant. How you distinguish yourself from others is in the performance of your accounting functions as a professional.

What do you think?

ACCA Or CPA: Which is Better?

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2 thoughts on “Which Is Better, ACCA or CPA(K)?”

  1. The advanced level exams at ACCA – P level and above are way much more harder than CPA papers.

    The syllabus is also broad as compared to ACCA. Section 5 & 6 papers are slightly advanced as compared to ACCA part two questions.

    At the professional level the requirement at ACCA is to apply knowledge to real world scenarios unlike CPA which is about regurgitating learned information.

    Professional level exams are much harder to pass at ACCA.

  2. ACCA is an international course KASNEB CPA is only in Kenya and a few other countries which are less than 5

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