Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Questions and Answers


Past papers exam questions and answers

Revision is more than memorising facts and going over notes. You can practise an exam by answering CPA kasneb past exam questions from past papers. This will give you a better chance of passing.

By practising with real past examination papers you will:

  • Find out if you have learnt enough to tackle CPA kasneb exams
  • Identify any weakness that you may have in answering questions
  • Learn about how the exam questions are answered.

Once you have completed a paper, you can compare your answers against the marking scheme. With the many past papers provided in our revision kits you will increase your chance of passing the upcoming exams.


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CPA Foundation Level notes

  1. Financial Accounting Revision Kit
  2. Communication Skills Revision Kit – Click here to view
  3. Introduction to Law and Governance Revision Kit – Click here to view
  4. Economics Revision Kit – Click here to view
  5. Quantitative Analysis Revision Kit – Click here to view
  6. Information Communication Technology Revision Kit – Click here to view

CPA Intermediate Level notes

  1. Company Law Revision Kit
  2. Financial Management Revision Kit
  3. Financial Reporting and Analysis(Incorporating IPSAS) Revision Kit
  4. Auditing and Assurance Revision Kit
  5. Management Accounting Revision Kit
  6. Public Finance and Taxation Revision Kit

CPA Advanced Level Revision Kits

  1. Leadership and Management Revision Kit
  2. Advanced Financial Reporting Revision Kit
  3. Advanced Financial Management Revision Kit

Specialization (Select one, Double specialisation allowed)

  1. Advanced taxation Revision Kit
  2. Advanced Auditing and Assurance Revision Kit
  3. Advanced Management Accounting Revision Kit
  4. Advanced Public Financial Management Revision Kit

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