How to check KASNEB Examination Results


When can one access his/her KASNEB Examination results?

You can access KASNEB results for your recent exams through KASNEB portal, SMS platform, ekASNEB App and through the email that you provided to KASNEB during registration or the one on your Bio-data profile. This is after KASNEB announces the release of results. You will check these results as floows

KASNEB Website. (click on student login) or (direct link to student portal ) – check results online

Candidates who had not created an account on the student portal are required to do so in order to access examination result as follows:

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  1. On the website click on the student login link then choose the student icon or proceed to click the student icon if you use the direct link to the student portal.
  2. Click on create account and select whether you have Student Registration Number or not and proceed to provide names, preferred email address and a strong password (which will be used for future access to self information) and click save.
  3. Provide the email address and password used when creating the account and click unlock to login in.
  4. Select the “Registration Details” tab.
  5. Access the “Course Choice” tab.
  6. Select the examination from the dropdown box, click on the “Yes” checkbox and provide the registration number without the prefix (e.g. if your registration number is NAC/68148, provide 68148 as the registration number) and click save.
  7. Select the “Examination Results” tab.
  8. Click on “print” to print the pdf version or “Send to email” to send to your email address.

Candidates who already have an account should proceed from step 3 above.

SMS (for Safaricom subscribers only).

  • Candidates should send an SMS to 20558 using the following format to access their examination results:
  • Kasneb/registration number
  • Example, ATD/87061 where ATD/87061 is the registration number of the candidate.
  • The SMS service is at a premium rate of Sh. 10 per sms

Click here for KASNEB notes Free Download


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  1. KINDLY SEND ME MY RESULTS TO this email please, registration is NAC/258271

  2. Hi,
    I opened a kasneb student log in account with an email address but i have never accessed my results or even time table for 2yrs now . Is it possible I open another account using different email address?

  3. I have tried to check my CIFA results section 1 for November exams via sms but the response am getting is that the registration number entered is incorrect…. how?. kindly send me using this email;…. ISP/6788

  4. kindly send my november 2017 cpa part two section 3 results to my gmail account registration no.nac/29043

  5. Message:kindly iam job Tobias orone of ATD/9875 isat for my ATD exam may/June 2017 its quiet unfortunate I have not received my results. in conjunction to that I changed my postal address from box 129 code 50209, MALAKISI (k) to box 60 BUSIA (k) code 50400 iam kindly requesting that you show me the way forward thank you.

  6. hello
    kindly send me may 2017 cpa results am totally unable to access through sms
    thank you in advance

    1. Check your email address for CPA Section 1 results. You have till 28th February to pay for may examination entry. for quality CPA notes and revision kits contact 0707737890

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